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Traditional or Contemporary Duplex

Traditional or Contemporary?

While some clients are swaying towards more contemporary facades, council in general prefer to see traditional designs and built forms incorporating hipped roofs and smaller upper floors.

Councils push for compliance with the term "respecting neighbourhood character" which seems to adhere to most residential zoning in Victoria.

However the Practice Notes state respecting neighbourhood character is not mimicking the past.

In our experience, we have succeeded in getting approval for modern clean lines with flat roof on a street where the prevailing built form was single storey with simple hipped roofs.

However these councils are now pushing ahead with neighbourhood character studies where they will have the "power" to enforce the traditional built forms.

Some councils take the middle ground and are satisfied if some of the prevailing building elements are incorporated within the design- they spell these elements in graphic Schedules taking the guesswork out for Architects and Designers.

In short, we encourage you study the streetscape and then create your wish list for the new development on your land.

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