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Sick Home!

New state of the art technology like Photo catalytic coating offers self-cleaning surfaces on building materials that kill bacteria and remove pollutants from the air around them.

We spend so much of our lives inside houses, offices, schools, shopping centres.

These structures do a good job of protecting us from the elements, but unfortunately studies show they also expose us to a range of chemicals that can have a significant impact on our health. These are the silent killers residing in spaces we occupy every day.

Heating and air conditioning systems bring in pollution from outside air, while furniture, paint, building materials and cleaning products release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and harbour mould and bacteria.

The phenomenon is known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and, for unfortunate building occupants, it manifests in symptoms ranging from irritated eyes and skin to headaches and nausea, and more serious conditions.

Not all VOCs are harmful to humans, but three of the worst are found in high concentrations in indoor air.

Benzene, released from cars (you know that new car smell), plastics and resins, is a known human carcinogen.

Formaldehyde, which is emitted from paints, adhesives and furniture and many building materials.

Chlorine derivatives, produced by cleaning products, have also been linked to cancer. So removing these from the air should be a priority in every modern building.

AuArchitecture believes in the principle of a House of Wellness.

Bring nature into the home- plants, water and fresh air is one simple way to start your wellness journey.

Discuss your specific needs when we next talk.

The Pavilion Home is a dual occupancy where the living areas are separated from the private and sleeping zones by a courtyard which brings in natural cross ventilation.

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