How to turn a Town Planning refusal to a Planning Approval

 A surgeon previously based in the UK  had his planning application for a medical centre refused by Monash Council. A different firm was the then  Applicant of the refused Town Planning  Application.

The surgeon  contacted our Founder by phone and then email.

After eight months of negotiations on a new application prepared by AuArchitecture, Monash Council issued a new planning permit. We were then engaged to prepare Building Permit documentation and completed the project in 2018!

A property about to become a lemon is now the specialist clinic the leading Surgeon wanted!

So how did we get it approved and built?

Planning is not about drawing something and fingers crossed hoping for a good outcome- as the previous planning applicant had tried.

Its about knowing the planning regulations, the planning scheme and work out what are the "loop holes" which can be used to argue a better outcome.

We did that and succeeded.


Our detailed drawings were supported by a comprehensive planning report we prepared in house . And we did not wait for the phone to ring. We made the calls, set up follow up planning meetings at Monash and won at the end!

Contact Swarup for your problem planning Application- and if we can get you a better result we will tell you upfront your chances of success.


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