Input 3d model from client

Output evening Rendered View,

Builders, real estate agents, Architects and Designers. Get your message across fast!




Input client 3d model from client up to 4 floors

Output rendered view.

Great for communication.




Input clients 3d model upto 4 units

Output coloured rendered view.

Great for conveying your ideas to clients, customers or stakeholders.



A 3d architecture rendering illustrates your imagination  in a snap!

See your client's sit up and say Wow! that was a great design.

 iVISUALISE  offers a  great low cost architectural rendering service from Melbourne. 

We will  render your plans into coloured  illustrations- fast and low cost visualisations- the digital communication tool clients expect.

Fast, Low Cost architect's renderings are the great communication tools of now.

Real estate Agents- sell off the plan faster! Architects and designers- clients appreciate your work more.

                                                 Ready to Start?

                                                IT'S A   2 STEP PROCESS

1. Email your 3d Model ( from Sketchup, Revit ,Archicad- .skp. .fbx. etc) and we will render it into an attractive view.

2. Please provide an elevation view with colours and materials. Output is low Res image- great for emails, Instagrams and websites. Please note exact replication of colours and materials is not possible.

                                     START VISUALISING A RENDERED VIEW-

                                      48 hour turn around sometimes possible!

                                 No 3d model? We can Help Model your plans.


Build Model from Plans and render to photo quality illustration




Build model from plan and rendering to photo quality




Build model from plan and digital rendering




An Architects illustration also called Render or rendering is the digital communication standard  clients expect.

What is a rendered view?

Rendering is digitally transforming 2 dimension lines  like plans and elevations into three dimensioned  models.

The built model is coloured, elements like sky, sunlight. illumination, materials, textures and entourages added to bring the 2 d  drawing into a live sculpted art form.

AuArchitecture Melbourne

Mail only : #223, 2/134 Pascoe Vale Road ,Moonee Ponds 3039.


M:  0448 170 132 call me direct -7 days  from 9am to 7pm for the best advice on dual occupancy subdivision, custom home design, commercial projects  or town planning matters. 



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AuArchitecture will gladly donate  design and planning services  to charitable organisations worldwide. 

We would love to serve you through smart and beautiful  designs for your dream house, dual occupancy, townhouse or apartment projects or commercial and industrial buildings which makes  a difference.

I recall doing a

  • large multi unit  residential design with a sky-street on the fifth level for the kids to play in safety while  creating  a real sense of community living and  

  • a modular home design which grew with the family budget rather like a series of plug in components and 

  • the windmill house with views where each stair landing led to a different view and function and

  • right down to designing and obtaining planning permits for practical traditional designs to meet the family  or developer's budget and objectives.

Our Founder has  worked on hundreds of development sites for dual occupancy and townhouses. He worked on commercial, health, education, retail and leisure projects to name a few other disciplines.

Our professional designs are flexible to suit your vision and realistic to meet your budget.

We advise you must seek legal and financial advice prior to making a commitment on any property development venture. The opinions we provide are general in nature.