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In a nutshell, grit, education and experience summarises what Swarup is all about. 

Permit winner

His team of Registered professionals  are determined to deliver permit winning designs and planning reports  for your projects.

Property Subdivision requires excellent planning knowledge and creative design skills. He managed hundreds of planning approvals.Free site assessment.

Property Subdivision: Our Founder excels in property subdivision, town planning strategies + clever design. He provides frank and fearless advice  from experience.

Property Subdivision:Frank and Fearless advice by founder.He  interacted with all Councils & use his expert knowledge to analyse your land to  provide frank and fearless advice on it's  development potential

Swarup developed property & managed 250+ planning permits for property subdivision, dual occ & unit sites in Victoria.

Frank and Fearless Advice on Architecture, Town Planning and Property Subdivisions

Swarup's mission:

  • Deploy town planning knowledge to maximise yield performance for developers.

  • Create designs which elevate spatial experience and resident comfort through ample day lighting, ventilation & acoustic privacy- which underpin wellness architecture. 

  • Integrate architecture with town planning, feasibility and building solutions.

  • Provide complimentary development advice and site potential. Request yours now!

Swarup is a property subdivision specialist with a focus on medium density housing - dual occupancy, town houses and other forms of unit developments.

He is a Registered Planner, teacher and author. He belongs to the Australian Institute of Architects, Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association and the Planning Institute of Australia- the peak institutes of the Planning and Architecture professions. This synergy gives him the competitive edge over most planners and designers; it will deliver efficiencies and advantages for your project.


He writes the planning reports and personally oversees each application- from site analysis to design,  town planning and building permit documentation and council negotiations.


While consulting to architects and developers his grit, determination and knowledge helped him personally manage 250+ successful Planning Permits across Melbourne and some in regional  Victoria. The Council approvals were for traditional and contemporary designed  dual occupancy, townhouses, property subdivisions and commercial developments. 

He walks the talk and developed his own properties including  designing a very profitable dual occupancy subdivision, had  his prestige home rezoned to higher density to accommodate a four storey apartment and had land zoned from  "can't be developed"  to residential, then owner-built on the  absolute  water front clifftop. The applications faced stiff opposition from the local Council- however, persistence and knowledge prevailed.

He has a strong interest in affordable housing, biophilic design and lectures at University, sharing his knowledge and education in architecture and construction with eager students. AuArchitecture is supported by Registered Architects and Building Practitioners who use the latest Building Information Modelling technologies.


Swarup was involved with designing luxury homes, dual occupancy  and medium density developments, commercial projects, industrial parks , health and retail facilities to identify some of the disciplines.

He exploits opportunities space offers.


He understands Council approvals often precede any real development. He is a Registered Planner and has produced  planning reports while managing over 250+ town planning approvals for developers


Refining design details, producing construction documentation and the experience of managing large and small projects gave him the competitive  advantage when developing his own properties.


AuArchitecture will maximise yield performance for new and experienced property developers, without sacrificing the day-to-day needs of their occupants.
We design and document permit winning developments.
Our designs elevate spatial experience and resident comfort through passive design principles, ample day lighting, ventilation & acoustic privacy to produce wellness architecture.


We believe each site is unique in terms of zoning, planning overlays, site orientation, lay of the land, vegetation, streetscape and location of services to name some of the constraints and challenges a designer can face.


Exploiting the latent opportunities the site offers will maximise yield for developers.


Swarup has designed projects of varying sizes from his own dual occupancy projects to industrial parks and high rise developments.  While studying  for his Architecture degree at  University, he worked with a Master Architect  -who was an Associate of Le Corbusier- working on huge University campus , hospitals and city designs while in Singapore his projects included luxury hotels,  innovative homes  and high rise apartments.


In Sydney and Melbourne he consulted to Architects and projects included over 250 residential developments across Melbourne, government and private schools, health and retail facilities to name a few. 

He worked on two water front projects in Sydney's Point Piper and Vaucluse while in Melbourne dual occupancy and town house projects were located at Gisborn, Malvern, Keilor, Balwyn, Kew, Glenroy to name a few suburbs.

His design principles are underpinned by respect for the planning policies, the value of space, use of materials, importance of systems and benefits of vegetation and green architecture.

Green architecture is not just about the future of building, but the key to any future. We believe in  both passive and active energy systems. These can  include intelligent passive design using solar orientation, shading, day lighting, window layers, and active systems like sensors which calibrate and balance interior environments, photo voltaics and other evolving technologies.


Use of renewable resources,  building lightly on sensitive environments , using the least possible materials, effort to maximise volume and space optimisation is the foundation of the our practice which uses the latest Building Information Modelling technology.

His practice is supported by a loyal team of Registered Architects and Building Practitioners.






Town Planning

Maximising yield is often "controlled" by the provisions of the Victorian Planning Scheme.


Each Council and Shire have their own planning policies which determine the type, size and land use each site offers.

Having a clear understanding of these policies and being able to negotiate outcomes for developers either at Council or at the VCAT is where my strengths lie. 


While consulting to developers and Architects in Victoria, I managed over 250+ successful planning approvals across Melbourne and some regional councils yielding over 700 homes. 

I encourage you to benefit from that real hands on experience where I negotiated approvals from various stake holders including Councils, the CFA, Melbourne Water and others.

I am a Registered Planner and write planning reports for Architects and developers as well as my clients.

I have written over 250+ planning reports while managing hundreds of town planning projects.



Victorian Planning permits



Having developed my own properties gave me a clear  understanding of the importance of development feasibility.

Our reports can be as basic or as comprehensive as you require.

We can provided detailed Construction Cost plan and Feasibility Report. Contact us for yours.

An example of a feasibility report for a 14 unit development is shown. It pops open.

See other examples and the list of items you should include in your feasibility report for a property subdivision. Lean more

Feasibility Report for a 14 unit develop
Construction and Building Permit

Designs which can be built is what we believe in. 


From the small details to the big picture.


We have had the privilege of working  with builders who like us have decades of experience. They are keen to price your project.


While I have worked on large construction projects- ranging from 2000 to 10,000 sqm in size, I equally enjoyed smaller residential projects which I found to be more challenging! 

I developed my own dual occupancy project long before most others in the business. The planning approval and construction was as challenging then as they can be today with councils and neighbours putting up strong resistance.


I owner built my own cliff edge home where screw in foundations went 6 metre below ground and the site drainage was equally challenging.

We can provide a comprehensive suite of documents for your Building Permit and Builder to price.

See an example of our Working drawings for a dual occupancy subdivision. Learn more.




I am fortunate to be supported by a loyal team with sound experience.


My BIM technician is a HIA Platinum builder who took a career change. Two Architects, a creative illustrator and myself form a formidable team of registered professionals.

Student Accomodation
Swarup consulted to the principal Architect as managed the project during construction
Duplex on corner block
A luxury duplex each containing 4 bedrooms with basement parking
Dual occupancy on corner block
The corner block by the sea presented a superb opportunity for two separate dwellings with no common walls.
Childcare centre for 100
The early learning facility for 100 children has parking in a semi basement while the upper level is accessed via a gentle ramp. The design will be easily recognised by the occupants with its colourful built forms and barn windows.
Brownfield large subdivision
A hilly paddock outside Melbourne is designed into a large house and land type subdivision.
Successful industrial development
Swarup worked on this 28 unit project from design to completion. The heritage facade was retained and the project developed around a 2 meter diameter water supply pipe whose exact location was unknown! Piling was a challenge. The tilt up slabs were cast on site
Major site development
Our Founder managed the design process while consulting to lead architects.
8 unit residential development
Dual Occupancy home
Founder's first dual occ project on land surrounded by Heritage mansion, tennis courts and pools- objections and council resistance overcome!
Dual occ security
Secure dual occupancy home in backyard for client travelling most of the time!
Apartment project
An apartment design for a small site under 700sqm
Multi unit subdivision
We secured secondary consent from Council and completed working drawings for the multi unit development
Home Reno-from cottage to resort
Turning an old cottage into a 6 bedroom luxury living for discerning clients was a joy! The project is almost complete- the clients have moved in but waiting for the pool to be finished. Click for video.
Dual occ on narrow site
Dual occ or dual income project on 298sqm lot with 7 m frontage
Heritage facade retained
A 28 unit industrial business park had to retain the existing facade. Swarup designed and managed the entire project from the first day to individual occupants interior works.
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About Swarup


Through my many interactions with all Councils across Melbourne and some regional ones, I  understood Councils expect Architects and designers to have a better understanding of their planning scheme provisions- be it for a small dual occupancy or a  larger complex project- to win planning approvals. I managed 250+ planning approvals.

He is a Member of the Planning Institute of Australia (Urban and Regional Planning) Aff Member of the Australian Institute of Architects and is a Member of the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association.

Swarup teaches Architecture and construction at University, is an author at a leading publication, developed software, enjoys food  & travel, appreciates art and is thirsty for knowledge in science and engineering.


Prior to starting  AuArchitecture, he led design teams  for developers and architects  in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas.  


The planning permits  he managed were for  a variety of projects including property subdivisions, dual occupancy subdivisions, town house and multi-unit developments, luxury residential homes, high rise apartments, industrial  and business parks, and retail, office and commercial developments to name just a few.

His previous roles included lead design, project management, town planning strategy and implementation, management of town planning applications at Councils across Melbourne, building applications, negotiations with statutory authorities like the CFA,  VicRoads and Melbourne Water , construction documentation production.


At University he was trained by an Associate Architect of Le Corbusier. He graduated as an Architect overseas  and studied for his Masters in NSW.

He has worked relentlessly for developers to achieve high yielding outcomes for their residential developments.

AuArchitecture is a multi disciplinary studio supported by architects, a retired builder with 30 years experience, BIM technicians and Registered  Drafts man.

Contact me on 0448 170 132 before 7 pm -7 days or please complete  the form below. I usually get back within a day.


Request your complimentary assessment of what type of development is possible- be it for a dual occupancy or a larger subdivision on your property.

I can advise you on design, architecture, town planning matters and tell you your chances of obtaining a planning permit. 

Which areas do we work in?

The Founder/Principal of AuArchitecture  has worked on properties right across Greater Melbourne and some surrounding areas for dual occupancy and multi unit subdivisions.

He has successfully managed  planning applications for developers and architects from Councils spread between Mornington and Dandenong right across to Geelong and surrounds, Macedon Ranges Shire Council suburbs, Frankston to Epping,  Malvern to  Eltham, Box Hill to Knox City council suburbs and the list goes on.

He has interacted with  most Councils including:

Banyule Council, Bayside City Council, Boroondara City Council, Brimbank City Council, Cardinya Shire Council, Casey City Council, Darebin City Council, Frankston City Council, Glen Eira City Council, Greater Dandenong City Council, Hobsons Bay City Council, Hume Council, Kingston City Council, Knox City Council, Manningham City Council, Maribyrnong City Council, Maroondah City Council, Melton Sire Council, Monash City Council, Moonee Valley City Council, Moreland City Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Nillumbik Shire Council, Port Phillip City Council, Stonnington City Council, Whitehorse City Council, Whittlesea City Council, Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Geelong City Council, Surf Coast Council, Yarra Ranges Council, City Of Ballarat and others.

So which Councils are pro development and friendlier than others? That is the question most new developers ask! Feel free to ask us if you are thinking of developing.

If you are thinking of developing your land in areas governed by the councils  named above or wish to ascertain how your planning application will go in these areas contact us for a Complimentary property assessment or call him  on 0448 170 132 - 7 days before 7pm.


AuArchitecture Melbourne

Mail only : #223, 2/134 Pascoe Vale Road ,Moonee Ponds 3039.


M:  0448 170 132 call me direct -7 days  from 9am to 7pm for the best advice on dual occupancy subdivision, custom home design, commercial projects  or town planning matters. 



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AuArchitecture will gladly donate  design and planning services  to charitable organisations worldwide. 

We would love to serve you through smart and beautiful  designs for your dream house, dual occupancy, townhouse or apartment projects or commercial and industrial buildings which makes  a difference.

I recall doing a

  • large multi unit  residential design with a sky-street on the fifth level for the kids to play in safety while  creating  a real sense of community living and  

  • a modular home design which grew with the family budget rather like a series of plug in components and 

  • the windmill house with views where each stair landing led to a different view and function and

  • right down to designing and obtaining planning permits for practical traditional designs to meet the family  or developer's budget and objectives.

Our Founder has  worked on hundreds of development sites for dual occupancy and townhouses. He worked on commercial, health, education, retail and leisure projects to name a few other disciplines.

Our professional designs are flexible to suit your vision and realistic to meet your budget.

We advise you must seek legal and financial advice prior to making a commitment on any property development venture. The opinions we provide are general in nature.

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