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Swarup our Founder owner built his waterfront beach house!

The local Council had refused all attempts by the previous owner  to develop the 3000sqm sloping block of land. He had owned it for over 20 years.


A creek runs along one side boundary and one can walk along the creek down to the beach!

Council had deemed the land unsafe to build on due to the unstable nature of the ground.

Swarup bought the land knowing the risks involved. At a pre Application meeting Council advised him to pitch a tent on the land. No approval will be granted.

As is normal to his nature, he did not accept that advice and eventually obtained planning approval 


To this day, he has, when required, engaged extensively with Councils to get approval for his clients- is new friends.

In one town planning application he was involved with, there were 82 objectors to a proposal. Council refused the Application. He appealed at the VCAT and was up against one of the best planning lawyers representing Council. After  four gruelling days at VCAT, he was granted a Permit!


In his first home turned a dual occupancy, his wealthy neighbours with tennis courts and Victorian mansions objected and he faced  a difficult Council planning officer. Swarup  presented his side of the story to the full panel of Councillors who overruled the planning officer's recommendation to refuse the Application.

Back to his beach house - after two years of negotiations, Swarup obtained planning consent to develop the land. He submitted detailed geotech reports, a plan to dewater the site, advanced 6 metre deep raked screw pile foundations and a beach house which could be loosened or tightened if there was any movement.

At the last meeting before approval, he presented to Council's GM and a panel of grumpy officers ( while his 8 year old daughter sat in the meeting doodling away!)

A year later construction was completed. 

The land and house is still standing with no real movement on the structure. It was recently sold by the next owner for $5.7 million. 

Overall, Swarup's story is a testament to determination, strategic thinking, and the ability to navigate complex bureaucratic and technical challenges in property development. His success underscores the importance of persistence and thorough preparation in achieving ambitious goals against considerable odds.

Adaptive resuse: A factory development was  turned into a industrial business park.
Build to Rent on a smaller scale. Local first time developer has a low maintainnce development consisting of four spacious units. Note the sheer brick walls to the first floor- against Council usual requirement to have first setback from gound,
Childcare centre set  in a treed environment
WAtrfront beach house near Melbourne

Architecture+Town Planner

In a nutshell, grit, education and experience summarises what Swarup is all about. 

Property Subdivision requires excellent planning knowledge and creative design skills. He managed hundreds of planning approvals.Free site assessment.
Property Subdivision:Frank and Fearless advice by founder.He  interacted with all Councils & use his expert knowledge to analyse your land to  provide frank and fearless advice on it's  development potential

Property Subdivision: Our Founder excels in property subdivision, town planning strategies + clever design. He provides frank and fearless advice  from experience.

Swarup developed property & managed 250+ planning permits for property subdivision, dual occ & unit sites in Victoria.

  • Our Journey with Mr Swarup Dutta began  upon receiving a letter from the planning minister stating that the environs overlay prohibiting development over our property was going to be lifted. Our excitement could not be contained at this news. This meant our late father's wish of having my brother and myself develop and live on the land adjoining my mother's house , could now be fulfilled. After extensive research about firms which offer subdivision and planning services, I found that Au architecture stood out amongst the crowd. The firm's track record  is impressive. I made the call to Mr Dutta and in retrospect what a great decision that was. Mr Dutta was extremely accommodating and was excited to take on the job despite the substantial obstacles which had to be overcome on the road to gaining council approval. He got to work right away and worked tirelessly to gain council approval. His dedication is unprecedented . One particular example which stands out is a time in which he forwarded an important planning response,which he had waited up for until the early hours of the morning, as soon as he received it. He was able to optimise the cramped site to accommodate semi basement  living in a very contemporary design. This was an amazing achievement in a neighbourhood  consisting predominantly of 70's style single story dwellings. On a personal level Swarup cares, he understands the stress on the developer in this process and takes the time to check up on the client and offer support. He is extremely accommodating and always responds to queries in a timely manner. Swarup,  we can't thank you enough.Our common interests have reinforced our friendship and  we hope to be life long friends. You were always there through the trials and tribulations and always the consummate professional.- DA


  • We will have three houses on our block all with spectacular views of the bay. The service given by Swarup has been faultless with both process and the design of both houses.Swarup after many briefings created a spectacular home to be sited at the front of our existing home.  We received objections and a hearing was called by our council City of Greater Geelong. Swarup attended the hearing and not only overcame the objections he was complimented by the panel on creating an iconic design. This project was approved and will be completed in 2016. The second design was even more challenging as the remaining triangular block was 280 sq meters. Swarup created a two storey two bedroom unit with views across the bay to Melbourne. The council approved the design however following a panel meeting withdrew support. Swarup immediately recommended that we go to VCAT and with the assistance from his suggested legal team our submission was upheld by VCAT who complimented the design. We are absolutely delighted with the dealings over three years and are happy for any of his clients to contact us for a reference which will be fantastic..    E and J Rae

Are you thinking of developing your land?

Do you need some high level advice on what you can build on it?

Contact us for a Free! no obligation opinion from Swarup.

About Swarup

Frank and Fearless Advice on Architecture, Town Planning and Property Subdivisions

Swarup's mission:

  • Deploy town planning knowledge to maximise yield performance for developers.

  • Create designs which elevate spatial experience and resident comfort through ample day lighting, ventilation & acoustic privacy- which underpin wellness architecture. 

  • Integrate architecture with town planning, feasibility and building solutions.

  • Provide complimentary development advice and site potential. Request yours now!

Meet Swarup: The Visionary Behind AuArchitecture

Founder's Background: Swarup, the driving force behind AuArchitecture, brings a unique blend of roles to the table. A former property developer, owner-builder, and a Registered Planner, Swarup has hands-on experience in every facet of the property development landscape.

Professional Affiliations: Belonging to prestigious bodies like the Australian Institute of Architects, Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association, and the Planning Institute of Australia.

Extensive Project Portfolio: Swarup's expertise is not limited to a specific region. While consulting with architects and developers, he successfully managed over 250 Property Subdivision approvals across Melbourne and regional Victoria. His projects range from residential to commercial, spanning Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, and India.

Author and Educator: Beyond his practical experience, Swarup is an author and has shared his knowledge as a lecturer in Architecture at a Victorian University. This commitment to education and sharing insights sets AuArchitecture apart.

Property Subdivision Specialist: Swarup specializes in property subdivision, with a focus on medium-density housing, including dual occupancy, townhouses, and various unit developments.

Hands-On Approach: At AuArchitecture, Swarup personally oversees each application, from site analysis to design, town planning, building permit documentation, and council negotiations. His grit, determination, and vast knowledge have led to the successful management of 250+ Planning Permits, overcoming challenges in both Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Real Estate Development Achievements: Swarup's achievements extend beyond consultancy; he has walked the talk, developing profitable dual occupancy subdivisions, rezoning his prestige home for higher density, and transforming "undevelopable" land into a stunning waterfront property through owner-built construction.

Passionate About Education: With a strong interest in affordable housing and biophilic design, Swarup lectured at the university, sharing his expertise and passion for architecture and construction with aspiring students.

AuArchitecture's Competitive Edge: The collective synergy of Swarup's design and town planning knowledge gives AuArchitecture a competitive edge. While competitors may focus on singular aspects, AuArchitecture efficiently manages both architecture and town planning in-house, delivering significant efficiencies and advantages for every project.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Team: AuArchitecture is supported by Registered Architects and Building Practitioners who leverage the latest Building Information Modelling technologies, ensuring a blend of innovation and expertise.

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design portfolio


Swarup was involved with designing luxury homes, dual occupancy  and medium density developments, commercial projects, industrial parks , health and retail facilities to identify some of the disciplines.

He exploits opportunities space offers.

TP cover.JPG


He understands Council approvals often precede any real development. He is a Registered Planner and has produced  planning reports while managing over 250+ town planning approvals for developers

beach home site_


Refining design details, producing construction documentation and the experience of managing large and small projects gave him the competitive  advantage when developing his own properties.

course architecture



At AuArchitecture, we specialize in maximizing yield performance for property developers, balancing the needs of occupants with innovative design solutions.


Our Approach:

We excel in designing and documenting permit-winning developments that prioritize both functionality and resident well-being.

Our designs elevate spatial experiences and resident comfort through passive design principles, ample daylighting, ventilation, and acoustic privacy, resulting in wellness architecture.

Site-Specific Solutions:

Recognizing the uniqueness of each site, we navigate zoning intricacies, planning overlays, orientation, topography, vegetation, streetscape, and service locations. Our approach involves exploiting latent opportunities to maximize yield while addressing constraints.

Swarup's Expertise:

Swarup, the visionary behind AuArchitecture, has designed projects ranging from dual occupancy to industrial parks and high-rise developments.
His foundation in architecture, coupled with experience working on monumental projects with a Master Architect and designing luxury hotels and innovative homes, has shaped his versatile design principles.

Experience Across Australia:

Swarup's consultancy in India, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne includes over 250 residential developments, government and private schools, health, and retail facilities.
Noteworthy projects include waterfront developments in Sydney's Point Piper and Vaucluse, as well as dual occupancy and townhouse projects across Melbourne suburbs like Gisborne, Malvern, Keilor, Balwyn, Kew, and Glenroy.


Green Architecture Commitment:

We are advocates of green architecture, emphasizing respect for planning policies, material use, space value, and the benefits of vegetation.

Our commitment extends to both passive and active energy systems, incorporating intelligent design, solar orientation, shading, day lighting, window layers, sensors, and evolving technologies like photovoltaics.

Sustainability in Practice:

Our foundation lies in the use of renewable resources, building lightly on sensitive environments, minimizing material usage, and optimizing volume and space. This commitment is supported by the latest Building Information Modeling technology.
Dedicated Team:

AuArchitecture is more than a practice; it's a collaboration. Swarup's vision is upheld by a loyal team of Registered Architects and Building Practitioners, ensuring excellence in every project.
Explore the future of architecture with AuArchitecture – where innovation meets sustainability.

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permit designs


Town Planning

Maximising yield is often "controlled" by the provisions of the Victorian Planning Scheme.


Each Council and Shire have their own planning policies which determine the type, size and land use each site offers.

Having a clear understanding of these policies and being able to negotiate outcomes for developers either at Council or at the VCAT is where my strengths lie. 


While consulting to developers and Architects in Victoria, I managed over 250+ successful planning approvals across Melbourne and some regional councils yielding over 700 homes. 

I encourage you to benefit from that real hands on experience where I negotiated approvals from various stake holders including Councils, the CFA, Melbourne Water and others.

I am a Registered Planner and write planning reports for Architects and developers as well as my clients.

I have written over 250+ planning reports while managing hundreds of town planning projects.



Victorian Planning permits



Having developed my own properties gave me a clear  understanding of the importance of development feasibility.

Our reports can be as basic or as comprehensive as you require.

We can provided detailed Construction Cost plan and Feasibility Report. Contact us for yours.

An example of a feasibility report for a 14 unit development is shown. It pops open.

See other examples and the list of items you should include in your feasibility report for a property subdivision. Lean more

Feasibility Report for a 14 unit develop
Construction and Building Permit

Designs which can be built is what we believe in. 


From the small details to the big picture.


We have had the privilege of working  with builders who like us have decades of experience. They are keen to price your project.


While I have worked on large construction projects- ranging from 2000 to 10,000 sqm in size, I equally enjoyed smaller residential projects which I found to be more challenging! 

I developed my own dual occupancy project long before most others in the business. The planning approval and construction was as challenging then as they can be today with councils and neighbours putting up strong resistance.


I owner built my own cliff edge home where screw in foundations went 6 metre below ground and the site drainage was equally challenging.

We can provide a comprehensive suite of documents for your Building Permit and Builder to price.

See an example of our Working drawings for a dual occupancy subdivision. Learn more.




I am fortunate to be supported by a loyal team with sound experience.


My BIM technician is a HIA Platinum builder who took a career change. Two Architects, a creative illustrator and myself form a formidable team of registered professionals.

About me

About Swarup


Through my many interactions with all Councils across Melbourne and some regional ones, I  understood Councils expect Architects and designers to have a better understanding of their planning scheme provisions- be it for a small dual occupancy or a  larger complex project- to win planning approvals. I managed 250+ planning approvals.

He is a Member of the Planning Institute of Australia (Urban and Regional Planning) Aff Member of the Australian Institute of Architects and is a Member of the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association.

Swarup teaches Architecture and construction at University, is an author at a leading publication, developed software, enjoys food  & travel, appreciates art and is thirsty for knowledge in science and engineering.


Prior to starting  AuArchitecture, he led design teams  for developers and architects  in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas.  


The planning permits  he managed were for  a variety of projects including property subdivisions, dual occupancy subdivisions, town house and multi-unit developments, luxury residential homes, high rise apartments, industrial  and business parks, and retail, office and commercial developments to name just a few.

His previous roles included lead design, project management, town planning strategy and implementation, management of town planning applications at Councils across Melbourne, building applications, negotiations with statutory authorities like the CFA,  VicRoads and Melbourne Water , construction documentation production.


At University he was trained by an Associate Architect of Le Corbusier. He graduated as an Architect overseas  and studied for his Masters in NSW.

He has worked relentlessly for developers to achieve high yielding outcomes for their residential developments.

AuArchitecture is a multi disciplinary studio supported by architects, a retired builder with 30 years experience, BIM technicians and Registered  Drafts man.

Contact me on 0448 170 132 before 7 pm -7 days or please complete  the form below. I usually get back within a day.


Request your complimentary assessment of what type of development is possible- be it for a dual occupancy or a larger subdivision on your property.

I can advise you on design, architecture, town planning matters and tell you your chances of obtaining a planning permit. 

Contact Swarup

Thanks! Message sent.

Which areas do we work in?
Council areas
Friendly Melbourne Councils for property subdivisions

The Founder/Principal of AuArchitecture  has worked on properties right across Greater Melbourne and some surrounding areas for dual occupancy and multi unit subdivisions.

He has successfully managed  planning applications for developers and architects from Councils spread between Mornington and Dandenong right across to Geelong and surrounds, Macedon Ranges Shire Council suburbs, Frankston to Epping,  Malvern to  Eltham, Box Hill to Knox City council suburbs and the list goes on.

He has interacted with  most Councils including:

Banyule Council, Bayside City Council, Boroondara City Council, Brimbank City Council, Cardinya Shire Council, Casey City Council, Darebin City Council, Frankston City Council, Glen Eira City Council, Greater Dandenong City Council, Hobsons Bay City Council, Hume Council, Kingston City Council, Knox City Council, Manningham City Council, Maribyrnong City Council, Maroondah City Council, Melton Sire Council, Monash City Council, Moonee Valley City Council, Moreland City Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Nillumbik Shire Council, Port Phillip City Council, Stonnington City Council, Whitehorse City Council, Whittlesea City Council, Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Geelong City Council, Surf Coast Council, Yarra Ranges Council, City Of Ballarat and others.

So which Councils are pro development and friendlier than others? That is the question most new developers ask! Feel free to ask us if you are thinking of developing.

If you are thinking of developing your land in areas governed by the councils  named above or wish to ascertain how your planning application will go in these areas contact us for a Complimentary property assessment or call him  on 0448 170 132 - 7 days before 7pm.

Success! Message received.

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