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AuARCHITECTURE is Melbourne's property subdivision specialist with the real competitive edge.

Free! Site analysis.Hands-on Town Planner developer managed 250+ permits.DualOcc townhouse Architecture.Subdivision 2-30 lots.Feasibility.Vic Registered professionals.



We are led by a hands-on Founder, who personally analysed many hundreds of subdivision sites. He predicted their development outcome by applying town planning intelligence with smart architecture. He has interacted with most councils across Melbourne and regional Victoria and managed 250+ planning permits for architects and property developers.

Our design principle.

We don’t approach architecture from a shape making perspective. We don’t have a preconceived solution of what buildings will look like or what materials we’re going to use on a development site.

Every site-specific design -  whether it’s for an exciting home renovation, a multi- lot subdivision, a residential or commercial project -  evolves from  the research into local council's planning requirements, client brief and the land's unique characteristics.

Our practical designs elevate spatial experience and resident comfort through passive design principles, ample day lighting, ventilation & acoustic privacy to produce wellness architecture.
The Whole Building Design practice provides the strategies to achieve a high-performance building: one that is cost-effective over its entire life cycle, safe, secure, accessible, flexible, aesthetic, productive, and sustainable.

Benefit from experience.

Swarup, our Founder, is a Registered Planner with a degree in Architecture. He belongs to the Planning Institute of Australia, the Australian Institute of Architects and the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association, which are the peak Institutes of both professions. This collective synergy makes his planning and design skills quite unique.


He is  a successful property developer and designer of hundreds of projects. They include his own profitable dual occupancy, engineering inspired beach house on waterfront land no one wanted, townhouses, multiunit developments, low cost to luxury homes and childcare, medical centre, retail, industrial  and office buildings.

He is supported by a team of Registered Building Practitioners, a Platinum HIA builder with 30 years’ experience and Registered Architect who all use the latest Building Information Modelling software.

Our combined team experience equates to decades of learning and sharing of knowledge with experienced and first-time developers.

Our services.

We deliver end to end property development solutions including:


  • intelligent design and inhouse architecture

  • effective town planning strategy

  • inhouse town planning reports

  • project feasibility

  • land subdivisions

  • manage town planning applications at all councils across Victoria

  • building permit

  • construction documentation

  • co ordinate other consultants services, including engineering, energy report, soil report, traffic, arborist and others to get your project started.  Read about our Specialist Services.

With over 250 planning permits personally managed by our Founder, why trust your project to inexperience?

Benefit from our knowledge.

How can you maximise the value from your land?


Can you subdivide, build a dual occupancy in your backyard or  develop townhouses, a medical or childcare centre?

 Contact Swarup direct  for  an obligation free, high level opinion. 

                 The service given by Swarup has been faultless with both process

                 and the design of both   homes ...     read on

Property subdivision advice by expert

Free property assessment!


Demo and develop land


Maximise land value - demolish the existing house and build a duplex or multiple townhouses.

Our Founder has  assessed many hundreds of  sites across Melbourne and regional Victoria and knows which properties work successfully.

We manage the project from start to finish, design intelligently and deploy town planning knowledge.



Backyard subdivision


Retain the existing home and build in the  under utilised backyard! Enjoy living in your new dual occupancy home.

Rent or sell either home to pay down the mortgage or invest in the next project.The choice is yours.

We are the dual occupancy experts.

Our Founder turned his first home into a profitable dual occ subdivision.

Learn the  subdivision steps


Property Subdivision


Build wealth through a subdivision in Victoria. We will design your  land subdivision, write the planning report, co-ordinate consultants and negotiate with all councils to obtain town planning and subdivision permits.

2 or 30 lot subdivision - AuArchitecture will deliver planning outcomes  fast.


AuArchitecture unleashes creative design options for your site. With Town Planning inputs and construction know how we deliver innovation and build in passive design for occupant comfort.

Apartment design



Whether its a three bedroom energy efficient home or a mini mansion with pool and wine cellar or a beach house which can be packed up and relocated; talk to us for really  creative solutions to compliment your lifestyle.

Bespoke home design




Industrial and commercial developments require skills and experience to maximise yield.

Our Founder worked on commercial industrial HQs for international brands.





Affordable housing is a problem we must encounter through cost controlled, modular designs while making occupant comfort a priority.

Affordable housing



100 children childcare centre or multiple practitioner medical centres is a discipline we specialise in.We will obtain  Council approval and prepare construction documentation.

Childcare/Medical Centre




Our Founder owner-built a complex engineered home. After 2 years of battles and presentations to Council from  GM down paid dividends on this "can't ever build on sensitive land".

Complex town planning



Build your wealth in Victoria while we both solve Melbourne's housing challenge


Our beliefs and vision drives us to do more for your property :


  • Maximise your land yield for multi unit residential or industrial projects.

  • Integrate wellness architecture with town planning strategy and building solutions to unlock more equity in your property.

  • Provide an affordable fixed fee design and documentation by Registered professionals with decades of property development experience. 



Property Subdivision: Key to 250 planning permits.

Our Registered Planner managed 250 permits.Dual occupancy Townhouse specialist maximises site returns.Design Town Planning Build 

Our specialist Services:
Development Advice
Registered Planner,belongs to Australian Institute of Architects developed his own properties and owner built a complex waterfront home.
Good design is in our DNA
A wellness new home or dual occ or apartment.
Backyard subdivision
Build wealth by developing the hidden asset in your backyard; just like our Founder did.
Dual occupancy
Should you retain the existing house and build a new dwelling in the back and enjoy the tax benefits?
Our founder did just that with his first home. He walks the talk.
Townhouse development
We specialise in two or more units on a block. Maximising site yield is in our DNA. How many units can you build on your block?
Duplex dual occ
A duplex side by side dual occupancy generally yields more floor areas. Some councils may have planning requirements or minimum site width.
We are dual occupancy specialists in Victoria.
An application is made to Council. Council issues a Subdivision permit with conditions.When those conditions are satisfied, Council issues a Compliance Certificate which accompanies the subdivision plan drawn by a Registered surveyor and lodged with the Titles Office who issues the registered lots.
Site Analysis
Free Preliminary Development Assessment (PDA)

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a site or already own one and are thinking of developing, we can conduct a Preliminary Development Assessment.

What do we cover in the PDA?

At a minimum we will examine the following:
Examination of title and search for any restrictions which could hamper development
Site info including easements, services
Zoning and Schedule to the zoning
Land use- what can you build- childcare, townhouses, apartments etc
Planning report
We write the Town Planning reports for our clients as well as well as for other developers, building designers and Architects.
Planning Application
We design and document each town planning application. Our Land surveyor provides the site information while we prepare all plans, elevations, section, shadow diagrams and manage the Application at Council.
Commercial development
Swarup has design,documented and project managed complex commercial and industrial developments.
In this 6000sqm. development the "heritage" facade had to be retained and the commercial/industrial development was built around it making it a huge success for he first time developer.
Building Permit
Our Registered practitioners document the Building Permit Application. They can be simple or comprehensive depending on the amount of detail required.
Our Registered Town Planner has managed over 250 planning permits. We can manage the complete town planning process and provide both design and town planning services.
Contracts provide a baseline in case a dispute arises between you and your builder. If the correct information isn't recorded in the contract, either as part of the original agreement or in a variation, it is not binding. Here are some handy tips to help you with the contractual process:

Ensure your contract includes a start and finish date, detailed plans and a clear statement about your cooling-off period

Check your contract with a specialist consultant or solicitor before signing

Read on
A carefully crafted feasibility report will ascertain where you should trim costs to deliver better profits.We can prepare the report from simple to comprehensive stages.
Home renovation
This project was a joy working with great clients who bought the heritage cottage. We turned the "ugly ducking" back into a luxurious 6 bedroom home with swimming pool. Construction is complete.
Cost plan
The construction Cost plan is prepared by our highly experienced consultant who uses current building costings.
Affordable housing
Affordable housing is the ideal solution for first home buyers to build equity where tight lending criteria and time to save a hefty deposit is overcome. We specialise in this market.
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AuArchitecture's Founder is a property developer, Registered Melbourne Planner and affiliated with the Australian Institute of Architects, Planning Institute of Australia and Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association.

This collective synergy gives us the competitive edge over competitors, who may only be a drafts person, designers or town planner. The synergy will deliver significant efficiencies and advantages for your project as we manage both architecture and town planning in house.


He is a residential development specialist. While consulting to real estate developers and architects he personally managed over 250 planning permits for property subdivision, residential and commercial developments.

Victorian Councils expect a better understanding of their planning policies. Swarup writes compelling town planning reports to garner Council support and personally oversees each application- from site potential assessment to permit winning designs and documentation and effective council negotiations.

AuArchitecture is supported by a team of Registered Architects and Building Practitioners who use the latest Building Information Modelling technology.

Why Choose Us?

Property subdivision advice by expert

* While consulting to  Melbourne based architects and developers  our developer Founder managed design teams  and worked on  planning applications for over 700 residential units and the 250 Victorian planning permits which followed. They ranged from two unit property subdivisions to strata titled apartments.


His grit,  tenacity and all round knowledge was the other key which helped him manage property subdivision Planning Permits across Melbourne and some in regional  Victoria. The Council approvals were for traditional and contemporary designed  dual occupancy, townhouses, unit developments, property subdivisions and commercial developments. 

Swarup, our Founder, walks the talk and developed his own properties including  designing a very profitable dual occupancy subdivision, had  his prestige home rezoned to higher density to accommodate a four storey apartment and had land zoned from ecologically sensitive, in other words, can't ever be developed  to residential; then he owner-built on the  challenging and absolute  water front clifftop using his engineering knowledge. The applications faced stiff opposition from the local Councils- however, persistence and knowledge prevailed. He has obtained  permits for many mum and dad  and first time developers.

He has a strong interest in residential development, affordable housing, wellness architecture,biophilic design and lectures at University, sharing his own knowledge and education in architecture and construction with eager students. 


"We will have three homes on our block all with spectacular views across   the bay. The service given by Swarup has been faultless with both process and the design of both homes "....   Read more.


"The Mount Waverley clinic is going very well and we could not have done it without you. "

"Swarup has quickly responded to our request and in a very short brief really understood exactly what we wanted and delivered mock up sketch drawings in a matter of days. He is very professional and so far has been great to deal with."

"They are really good. Very professional. They are really professional "


We understand these council policies : banyule,bayside,





glen eira, dandenong,

hobsons bay, hume,kingston,knox,manningham,



moonee valley, moreland, mornington,





macedon ranges,

surf coast,ballarat,


While studying for his University degree in Architecture, he was trained by a Master Architect and associate of  Le Corbusier. His thesis was a live home project.

Later while studying for his Masters in Building Science (UNSW) he did  extensions to a  harbour front and luxurious Mediterranean  home in Point Piper, combined two flats, one above the other, to form a contemporary maisonette with private lift  in a water front building in Vaucluse, and later extended a Wahroonga home, designed a low cost modular home which could grow with the family and worked on a variety of projects. 

We encourage you contact him and benefit from his knowledge of property subdivisions, building, design and town planning.

Typical Dual Occupancy


A tandem style dual occupancy - one behind other- is the most common form of backyard subdivision. 

Demolish the existing home to build two new homes or retain it and build one additional dual occupancy home in the backyard. 

Can you dual occupancy your property  & double your rental income? 

Learn more.

Duplex Dual Occ



Double your property's potential with a side by side duplex style dual occupancy subdivision which often generates more floor area. Each dual occupancy subdivision has its own street address and less common property to share. Some Councils prefer minimum frontage width.

Can you duplex your property and reduce mortgage? 

Live in one and sell the other!

Find out now!

6 townhouse development AuArchitecture




Subdivide and develop property with the appropriate zoning  into 3 or more dwellings to maximise subdivision yield.

Town house developments require additional design and town planning skills to maximise yield.

Can you build 3 or more townhouses on your land and benefit from multiple rentals?

Find out now.

Start the journey.

Start now.

We can manage the entire process for you - from Council application  to Building Permit for your residential or commercial projects.


Shape clay into a vessel; It is the space within that makes it useful.
Cut doors and windows for a room; It is the holes which make it useful.
Therefore profit comes from what is there; Usefulness from what is not there.-Lao Tzu


Our Services

Planning a dual occupancy, multi unit or commercial project?

We deliver start to end Architecture, Town Planning and Building solutions.

Design brief, Documentation. Managing Application...

Our Process

Our four pillar process starts from analysing your site's development potential through to detailed design, Town Planning Architecture and Reports and Building Permit documentation.

Construction costs,project management.....

About us

Swarup, our Founder managed 250+ successful Town Planning Permits for dual occupancy and multi unit developments. He developed his own properties and  is supported by Registered Building Practioners and Architects who use the latest technology and software..


Property development costs, the subdivision process,  the how to's and  which consultants  will be involved in your development- so much to know. We  explain them simply and dot point  for your benefit. 

If you are planning to subdivide or develop land for a dual occupancy, town house, apartment, multi-lot subdivision, commercial or industrial development, we can deliver start to end design, town planning and construction solutions. 

AuArchitecture has a significant market advantage in providing all of the town planning, architecture, building and subdivision services required to deliver your project.


This collective synergy is the key to managing hundreds of planning permits; it also delivers significant time efficiencies and enables seamless interaction between the four disciplines commencing with the concept design and development approval phases.


We  will work with you to successfully guide your project through the council planning maze and create a unique vision of your future development.

Town Planning Manager and Founder , Swarup and his team have a wealth of skills and experience to smoothly navigate the planning requirements of local government statutory frameworks.

His track record in managing hundreds of planning permits across Victoria has been underpinned on successful collaboration with Councils and all stakeholders to maximise yield.


Whether you are a first time developer (and we understand how complex the process can be)  or if you have developed before, you will benefit from our broad experience and the professional services we offer:


  • Design Brief to Concept design  

  • Town Planning Design and Documentation

  • Town Planning ( Planning Scheme- Rescode) & other Reports

  • Management of Application at your local Victorian Council

  • Building Permit documentation and Working drawings

  • Construction Cost Estimate

  • Feasibility Report

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Building Tender evaluation

  • Project Management

  • Subdivision- dual occupancy to 50 lot subdivision

  • New House, Medical Centre, Commercial or Industrial projects

  • Fixed Price Construction offer from builders we work with.

Contact us today to discuss your residential, subdivision or commercial project.


Learn about Town Planning, Building and Subdivision permits here.

Property Development Process. 

Property Subdivision e Learning

Free Property Development  Master Class.

Learn the essentials of dual occupancy and townhouse development.

What type of property should you buy? What are the planning constraints?

What types of permits apply to your development. Which Councils are active at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).........Read on...

View more animation here.
Duplex :  Dual Occupancy :  Apartment :  Multi unit : Pre fab Farmhouse
Landscape design for courtyard
Hobsons Bay Council
BrimbankCouncil  planning permits
Complex development project finished
Apartment design
Bayside Council design and plans
Dual Occupancy Paviliion
foodcourt design
Frankston Council design challeges
Town Planning for Property subdivisi
Red Rooster design
Darebin Council planning approvals
Casey town planning for small subdiv
Boroondara Council town planning
knox council plans and permits
Commercial Building desigin Ballarat
Kingston council plans and permits
Masters Concept design
Moreland plan and design
Moonee Valey Council
Commercial development completed
Monash townhouse permit
mannningham duplex permit
Macedon Ranges Council
Geelong plans and permits
Maroondah property subdivision
Banyule Council property subdivision
Dual Occupancy Pavilion home
stonnington Council design
maribyrnong council plans
Complimentary Property Development Assessment.
Are you planning to develop land- one you own or are considering purchasing? Find out what the local Victorian Council will allow to be built on the land.
Please complete the form below  and our Registered Planner will provide a high level Property Development Assessment of the land at no cost to you.
And it is 100% obligation free.
Or do you need a cost estimate or feasibility report prepared by experts or advice on a specific type of residential or commercial development?
Please complete the form below  and we will  respond within 48 hours. 
Feel free to call our Founder on 0448 170 132  ( 7 days - 9am to 6 pm) for a confidential discussion.



"...Swarup after many briefings created a spectacular home to be sited at the front of our existing home.  


We received objections and a hearing was called by our council City of Greater Geelong.  Swarup attended the hearing and not only overcame the objections he was complimented by the panel on creating an iconic design. This project was approved and will be completed in 2016.


The second design was even more challenging.... "   

"I am glad we now have you with us - your name will be known to lots of my friends who are also planning developments!"

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your support, advice and efforts.

It has been a pleasure working with and learning from you."

"...and am grateful you have a good relationship with our planning officers".


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More kind words said about us! Read them later.

Can you subdivide your backyard? Backyard subdivision is a great way for first home owners build equity and start their property subdivision journey.


With land prices soaring and demand for compact homes growing it makes sense to build more than one home on your land. You build equity, enjoy more than one rental income and grow your property portfolio.  Read on

Can I subdivide my land? Learn The Property Subdivision Steps.


We have considerable experience in industrial, commercial, health, education and projects of other disciplines. If you are thinking of upgrading  your facilities or building a new project talk to us.

Design  I  Feasibilty I Documentation 

We design to maximise yield; whether it be a Wow home extension, a realistic dual occupancy or townhouse project, a factory, office interior or landscape project. The Subdivision Permit is a step by step process. 

Design excellence I Town Planning  I Building Permits 


Developing industrial property can lead to higher returns and profit . Construction is simpler and faster and off the plan sales are easier. Our Founder designed and project managed several industrial developments including Business Parks.

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Dual occupancy design, town planning knowledge

multi unit subdivision- we do it better!


Permit winning Project Documentation

Design and town planning drawings which win planning permits in Victoria

Town planning reports which convince Council to support the planning application.

Building Permit/Working drawings for Building Surveyor to certify. A detailed specification can be provided for the builder to price.

Project Feasibility 


A carefully crafted Feasibility report will reveal what profit you should make.

You should take into account the relevant costs you will incur.

The costs associated with a residential project include but are no limited to:

Land Purchase Price

Stamp Duty

Finance Application Fee

Conveyancing cost

Pre-Purchase Reports


Soil Test

Architect/Designer/Drafts person

Structural Engineer

Civil Storm water Engineer



Landscape Designer

Construction documentation

Other Reports

Project Management fee

Subdivision cost.........

   Read more

We have shown a feasibility report for a dual occupancy below .

Study the reports for a 3 unit and high end 14 unit development in Melbourne.

Profitable Dual Occupancy feasibility report

A profitable dual occupancy project

dual occ development costs

Costs associated with a dual occupancy project

Why engage a Dual Occ Specialist ?

Town Planning Process

Through the many  hundreds of Town Planning Applications our founder worked on  across Greater Melbourne Councils, he has built up a great relationship with the Council's  Planning Officers. As consultant, he managed many hundreds of Town Planning Permits for dual occupancy and multi- unit developments.  It's the old saying- it's not only what you know that matters but whom you know and what they expect that delivers Planning Permit  Winners. .Read on.

This is a summary of how  town planning works at your local Victorian Council:

  • Lodge  Town Planning  Application

  • Council may issue one or more Request for Further Information (RFI)

  • AuArchitecture responds to the RFI

  • Council issues Advertising notice

  • Objectors should submit concerns within 14 days but can also do so before a decision is made

  • Council makes its decision

  • AuArchitecture attends to Permit Conditions.

  • Endorsed drawings issued by Council

  • Working Drawings starts based on endorsed plans

AuArchitecture Services

Property Subdivision costs items
Our partners
Land Subdivision

Property Subdivision is the art and maths of creating smaller lots of land from a large block. Some large properties are incapable of further subdivision due to the restrictive zoning.


Property Subdivision projects are best left to the specialists. So what will your subdivision expert look for in your property?

He or she will consider the the impact of planning policies, like zoning and overlays  which may affect your land.

Our founder did his own dual occ property subdivision long before others in the business of creating backyard subdivisions. He subdivided his first home and built equity to fund other property.

These are some of the cost items which may apply to your development while some may not.


Purchase Price

Stamp duty

Holding costs

Selling costs

Demolition costs

Land Survey (FL and RE Survey)

Planning Report and Management at Council fee

Architects or Designers fees

Advertising fees

Council Application fees ( Development and subdivision permits)

Council contributions for 3 lots or more

Metropolitan Planning Levy for development cost higher than $1.013.692.16 (as of Jan2017)

Other contributions and fees for larger sites

Registering titles with Land Titles office

Legals involved

Surveyor fees for subdivision

Sewer, stormwater, telecoms, power connections

Soil test

Driveways and crossovers


Compliance Certificates

Building costs.

Read more on the Subdivision steps.

Read more on the subdivision costs

We are associated with and ably supported by experienced professionals.​

  • VCAT   While we can present submissions and can appear for you at VCAT, we often refer applications to others due to time constraints. These professionals are town planners and planning lawyers who are equally or more experienced than us.

  • Structural Engineers

  • Civil (drainage) engineers

  • Town Planners

  • Architects

  • Registered drafts persons

  • Landscape Designers

  • Land Surveyors

  • Building Surveyors

  • Heritage Consultants

  • Energy consultants

  • Builders

A typical Town Planning subdivision requires AuArchitecture for design and Town Planning services,  Land surveyor for Feature and Level Survey, Re Estab Survey (to identify correct boundaries) and Site description data.

Council Application and advertising  fees of about $1800 apply. Building cost above the current threshold (around $1.06m)  requires a MPL certificate and fees.

Sites affected by CHMP require Heritage/Archaeologist report, sites heavily vegetated requires an Arborist report and sites facing main roads may require a Traffic engineer report.

For Building Permit read on

There are four stages involved with the Subdivision. They are summarised as follows:

  • A planning permit for subdivision is granted  under the provisions of the local government's  Planning Scheme

  • Council certifies the plan of subdivision, which approves the subdivision under the Subdivision Act 1988

  • Thereafter the Applicant must meet the Permit conditions (eg installing the required services like sewer, power etc or  building crossover if required under the Permit). A Statement of Compliance is then issued. 

  • Your conveyancer or representative can then lodge the documents with Land Victoria, which allows new titles to be issued for each lot created under the subdivision.


We can design your subdivision, apply and manage the application at council. In some instances, Council may ask for the building layout for each lot. We can design the  plans if required.

Read more 

Please complete the form below and we will provide a complimentary opinion within 48 hours on how to subdivide your property. Or call Swarup in confidence  on 0448 170 132  9am-6pm -7 days Melbourne time. Your privacy is respected.

Case Studies

AuArchitecture secured multiple planning approvals.


Our Founder acted for developers at VCAT. In one instance the hearing went for 3 days with the full council and 82 objectors taking him on!

One of our clients sold their "lemon of a property" with plans and permits for a hefty profit after we secured them a valuable planning approval for two very large homes on a block burdened by a main storm water pipe which ran almost diagonally across the land. The neighbour next door engaged a well known architect and  tried to get a similar approval- but got refused and ended up with two small townhouses!


Councils expect architects to have a better understanding of their planning rules as design by itself won't get you a permit. We excel in both disciplines- design and planning- and that is  our secret weapon.

Read  more about other Case studies.

Feel Free to call us any day for a confidential chat.