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AuARCHITECTURE is Melbourne's property subdivision specialist with the real competitive edge.
250+ Property Subdivision Permits managed*. Free Advice!

Beyond Architecture:Excellence in Comprehensive Town Planning Strategies.
Crafting Success in Property Subdivision, Residential and Commercial projects across Victoria, Australia.

At AuArchitecture, we go beyond architecture – we excel in formulating effective town planning strategies. Our approach integrates creative design with strategic planning for successful property subdivision, whether residential or commercial, in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

Our Expertise:

Understanding how Property Subdivision works is our forte. We are well-versed in what Melbourne and Regional Victorian Councils support on your land.

Swarup, our Founder, managed 250+ property subdivision permits.


Beyond residential projects, we specialize in designing childcare and medical centers and securing permits for various commercial and industrial ventures throughout Victoria.

Complimentary Development Assessment:
Contact us for a complimentary high-level development assessment tailored to your project's needs. We're here to guide you through the complexities and opportunities that your property presents.

Founder's Commitment:
Swarup, our Founder, doesn't just lead; he personally responds to your inquiries. With a track record of developing his own real estate properties, he brings hands-on experience to every project.

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Discover the AuArchitecture advantage – where expertise meets a personal touch.


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250 permits

Architecture and Town Planning


  • Our Journey with Mr Swarup Dutta began  upon receiving a letter from the planning minister stating that the environs overlay prohibiting development over our property was going to be lifted. Our excitement could not be contained at this news. This meant our late father's wish of having my brother and myself develop and live on the land adjoining my mother's house , could now be fulfilled. After extensive research about firms which offer subdivision and planning services, I found that Au architecture stood out amongst the crowd. The firm's track record  is impressive. I made the call to Mr Dutta and in retrospect what a great decision that was. Mr Dutta was extremely accommodating and was excited to take on the job despite the substantial obstacles which had to be overcome on the road to gaining council approval. He got to work right away and worked tirelessly to gain council approval. His dedication is unprecedented . One particular example which stands out is a time in which he forwarded an important planning response,which he had waited up for until the early hours of the morning, as soon as he received it. He was able to optimise the cramped site to accommodate semi basement  living in a very contemporary design. This was an amazing achievement in a neighbourhood  consisting predominantly of 70's style single story dwellings. On a personal level Swarup cares, he understands the stress on the developer in this process and takes the time to check up on the client and offer support. He is extremely accommodating and always responds to queries in a timely manner. Swarup,  we can't thank you enough.Our common interests have reinforced our friendship and  we hope to be life long friends. You were always there through the trials and tribulations and always the consummate professional.- DA


  • We will have three houses on our block all with spectacular views of the bay. The service given by Swarup has been faultless with both process and the design of both houses. Swarup after many briefings created a spectacular home to be sited at the front of our existing home.  We received objections and a hearing was called by our council City of Greater Geelong. Swarup attended the hearing and not only overcame the objections he was complimented by the panel on creating an iconic design. This project was approved and will be completed in 2016. The second design was even more challenging as the remaining triangular block was 280 sq meters. Swarup created a two storey two bedroom unit with views across the bay to Melbourne. The council approved the design however following a panel meeting withdrew support. Swarup immediately recommended that we go to VCAT and with the assistance from his suggested legal team our submission was upheld by VCAT who complimented the design. We are absolutely delighted with the dealings over three years and are happy for any of his clients to contact us for a reference which will be fantastic..    E and J Rae

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Thinking of subdividing your property? 

We offer a  FREE! high level development advice. 

We answer: What will Council allow on your land?

Contact  Swarup , our Founder today for a quick response.

AuArchitecture offers a comprehensive range of services in property development, design, construction, and town planning

1. Extensive Experience: With our Founder managing over 250++ permits for both experienced and first-time developers, there's a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of property development.

2. Diverse Specialisations: AuArchitecture specialises in a variety of projects, including dual occupancy, land subdivision, townhouse/multi-unit development, bespoke residential homes, medical facilities, childcare centers, and other commercial and industrial projects. This broad expertise allows for a tailored approach to diverse client needs.


3. Custom Design Collaboration: The emphasis on collaborative design ensures that clients have a say in the creative process, leading to personalized and unique solutions for each project.


4. Complete Project Documentation: AuArchitecture takes care of the entire documentation process, including plans, elevations, sections, and all necessary paperwork required by authorities. This streamlines the approval process for clients.


5. Compelling Town Planning Reports: The ability to craft compelling town planning reports can be a crucial factor in securing necessary permits and approvals, and it's a service offered by AuArchitecture.


6.Application Management: The practice  manages the entire application process on behalf of clients, dealing with Council for Town Planning Permits, Registered Building Surveyors for Building Permits, and overseeing Subdivision Permit applications.


7.Collaboration with External Consultants: By partnering with a network of external consultants such as engineers, surveyors, energy experts, Sustainable Design Assessment professionals, arborists, and heritage specialists, AuArchitecture ensures a holistic and well-rounded approach to projects.


8.Professional Affiliations: Our  Founder's affiliation with reputable organizations like the Australian Institute of Architects, The Planning Institute of Australia, and the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association adds to our knowledge and experience.


9. Geographical Reach: Whether the project is located in Melbourne or Regional Victoria, clients can benefit from AuArchitecture's one-stop creative design, town planning, and detailed documentation service.


1​0. Professionally Qualified Team: The team is led by a Registered Planner with support from a Registered Architect, showcasing a qualified and skilled staff who use the latest BIM software..

We specialise in Dual Occupancy &  townhouse Subdivision 

across Victoria.

Architecture is in our DNA.


Residential and Commercial projects designed and documented for Planning and Building Permits

Swarup, our Founder managed 250++ planning permits in Victoria..

Rely on our experience.

9 steps to selecting a subdivision site.
Subivide options

Navigating the complexities of a subdivision site selection requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of local regulations and requirements. By following these 9 first steps and considering factors such as zoning, planning overlays, vegetation, access, orientation, amenities, overshadowing, and parking, you can set your property subdivision project up for success.   Read on.

Murumbeena Duplex


Demo and develop land

Maximise land value - demolish the existing house and build a duplex or multiple townhouses.

Our Founder has  assessed many hundreds of  sites across Melbourne and regional Victoria and knows which properties work successfully.

We manage the project from start to finish, design intelligently and deploy town planning knowledge.

Free property assessment!

Dual Occupancy Development by AuArchitec


Backyard subdivision

Retain the existing home and build in the  under utilised backyard! Enjoy living in your new dual occupancy home.

Rent or sell either home to pay down the mortgage or invest in the next project.The choice is yours.

We are the dual occupancy experts.

Our Founder turned his first home into a profitable dual occ subdivision.


Subdivision plan


Property Subdivision

Build wealth through a subdivision in Victoria. We will design your  land subdivision, write the planning report, co-ordinate consultants and negotiate with all councils to obtain town planning and subdivision permits.

2 or 30 lot subdivision - AuArchitecture will deliver planning outcomes  fast.




Apartment design

AuArchitecture unleashes creative design options for your site. With Town Planning inputs and construction know how we deliver innovation and build in passive design for occupant comfort.


Luxury home design


Bespoke home design

Whether its a three bedroom energy efficient home or a mini mansion with pool and wine cellar or a beach house which can be packed up and relocated; talk to us for really  creative solutions to compliment your lifestyle.


Completed Industrial Project



Industrial and commercial developments require skills and experience to maximise yield.

Our Founder worked on commercial industrial HQs for international brands.




Affordable housing

Affordable housing is a problem we must encounter through cost controlled, modular designs while making occupant comfort a priority.


Childcare for 100


Childcare/Medical Centre

100 children childcare centre or multiple practitioner medical centres is a discipline we specialise in.We will obtain  Council approval and prepare construction documentation.


beach home site.JPG


Complex town planning

Our Founder owner-built a complex engineered home. After 2 years of battles and presentations to Council from  GM down paid dividends on this "can't ever build on sensitive land".




"The Mount Waverley clinic is going very well and we could not have done it without you. "

"Swarup has quickly responded to our request and in a very short brief really understood exactly what we wanted and delivered mock up sketch drawings in a matter of days. He is very professional and so far has been great to deal with."

"They are really good. Very professional. They are really professional "

"We greatly appreciate your help and hard work. Without your help, we won't reach our goals - to get occupancy permit. Finally, we are here now."

Dr HG on completion of their Medical Centre at Doncaster.

"Hi Swarup,


The day has finally arrived, thank you so much for all your hard work on this. Ben & I really appreciate you pushing so hard to get this over the line.


It has been great working with you.

Courtney "

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