We maximise land use by integrating architecture with  town planning strategy and building solutions to unlock more equity in your property.

AuArchitecture Founder-Registered Planne
PIA-Registered Planner
  • We are an architecture and town planning practice located in Melbourne, Victoria.

  • We specialise in residential and subdivision projects across all Melbourne Councils and  regional Victoria.

  • We maximise land use in Victoria by integrating architecture with  town planning strategy and building solutions to unlock more equity in your property.

Benefit from  AuArchitecture's  experience in dual occupancy, land subdivision, townhouse, medical and childcare centres and commercial projects.

We design and draw the Town Planning, Building and Subdivision Permit Applications inhouse.


We write the essential town planning reports.

Whether you are in metropolitan Melbourne or Regional Victoria, you benefit from  our one stop service.

AuArchitecture's Founder is a Registered Melbourne Planner and affiliated with the Australian Institute of Architects, Planning Institute of Australia and Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association.


This collective synergy gives us the competitive edge over competitors, who may only be designers or town planners. The synergy will deliver significant efficiencies and advantages for your project as we manage both architecture and town planning in house.

We are a team of Registered Professionals including Building Practitioners and Architect.


Our collective experience amounts to several decades of hands on work- from designing built forms to preparing planning and building permit applications, real property  development and construction.

Dual Occupancy behind heritage house


We design permit winning projects inhouse. Registered professionals document the Permit Applications.

Town Planning Report


Our  Registered Planner will write compelling planning reports to garner Council support for your project

beach home site.JPG


Registered Professionals will document your Building Permit with high level of details

Our  competitive edge:

  • Swarup, AuArchitecture Founder is a Registered Planner with a University degree in Architecture. He managed over 250 successful planning permits across Melbourne and regional Victoria while consulting to developers and  architects in Victoria.

  • Our competitors might be just designers, drafts persons or town planners. We offer all the disciplines from one source. This synergy will deliver project efficiencies.

  • Swarup is a property developer.  He developed his first home into a dual occupancy long before most of our competitors. The Application was obstructed by Council planners and neighbours. He went though the whole negotiation process and won at a full Council meeting.

  • He designed and managed various projects- residential industrial, commercial, retail and more.

  • He is ably supported by a team of registered drafts persons, Architect, a HIA Platinum Builder with 30 years experience and BIM technicians.

  • You benefit from your personalised design, smart town planning solutions  & functional Architecture which are  all produced in-house. 

  • As your development partner, we will stick by you till the Finish Line and resolve any challenges that appear along the way- and they will occur if you really want to maximise your returns!

  • Critically, we  will  build a long term relationship with you - and that is our highest priority from cradle to finish. We are all about your success.

  • We are solid, reliable and consistent. We will innovate and deploy agility  in our responses to the Statutory authorities. Why settle for less?

Over 250 planning permits

Custom Designed Solutions

Architecture  and Town Planning for:

  • Dual Occupancy or multi unit developments

  • Property Subdivision specialist- 2 lots or more

  • Commercial, Industrial and 

  • Custom designed Residential Architecture across Victoria

  • Complimentary Site Assessment. What will Council allow to be built on your land?


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It has been a pleasure working with and learning from you."

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Thank you so much for designing a lovely new home for us.

"...Swarup after many briefings created a spectacular home to be sited at the front of our existing home. 


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Planning Permit winning design and planning Application documents by Registered Building Practitioner

Planning Permit winning Planning report by Registered Planner

Building Permit drawings by Registered Architect.

We provide additional documents  for certification- from engineers, energy reports, Land and Building Surveyors.

" We go that extra distance to achieve better results for you. That is my promise."


AuArchitecture  offers high calibre design solutions  and successful  town planning strategies  to help small to medium sized developers reach their property development goals; from a dual occ to ten  residential unit development,apartments, commercial and medical projects, home extensions with a real Wow factor or industrial and commercial architecture and more.




Our founder completed his degree in Architecture, studied for his Masters and worked on a multitude of projects internationally and in Sydney and Melbourne. They ranged  from apartments to large industrial business parks, retail, commercial,  health, education and  leisure to name a few including Head offices for Sanyo, Phillips, Akai, National Panasonic and the then Lindt chocolate importer.


But his   true passion from day one in University has been functional residential architecture. Over the last six years he has  been totally engrossed in dual occupancy and medium density developments from two unit duplex or dual occs to multi unit projects.


He developed property and understands the value of money and time.


We are  ably supported by architects, town planner, registered building professional drafts person and engineers. The bulk of the design and town planning work is done in house.


Our Dream


AuARCHITECTURE strongly believes  design and town planning for residential property subdivision should be affordable and  within the reach of all ordinary, hard working Victorians so everyone get's an opportunity to build wealth.


We all know there is a severe  housing shortage  in Melbourne, which is pushing up property prices and making it beyond our young Melburnian dream to own a first home or  lay the foundation for an investment property portfolio.


At the same time, we believe medium density development,  like developing a backyard, will create a valuable  income stream for cash poor retirees through a dual occupancy subdivision  while creating compact housing opportunities for young Melburnian  families with a strict budget  to live within established areas.


That's our vision for Melbourne. Maximise Land Use to meet the needs of today's society.


Our partners


Our support team include registered building technicians and professionals, architect, town planner, civil and structural engineers, surveyors, landscape consultant, BMO consultant, arborist,experienced builders and all the other professionals required to make your medium density project a success.



Our service beliefs


We will always  respect and collaborate with home owners and investors who wish to develop their property through a dual occupancy or multi unit subdivision.


We will act honestly, Just like an ethical lawyer or doctor who  strives to achieve a great outcome for their clients and patients; we go that extra distance to win high yielding planning permits for property developers.


Our transparency


We tell you upfront what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. That way you don't end up disappointed or frustrated. We believe  professional integrity gives the best return on your investment. We won't hide anything from you from day one.

Our designs


AuArchitecture designs buildings with a sense of wellness for the occupants while achieving a high yield for property developers.

See our design portfolio here.

Existing site before duplex approval
Classic Duplex

$250,000 GAIN

Our client bought a difficult site at Murumbeena for $1.3 million which unknown to them had a storm water drain bisecting the property. We secured planning approval for two large duplex units. They sold the property with planning permits  for $1,550,000.00.The neighbour next door applied for a duplex through a different firm and got refused. 

beach home site_
beach house.JPG


Swarup negotiated with the local council to allow a home to be built on a water front block which was ecologically sensitive, had serious geotechnical problems and zoned as never to be built on. After 2 years of negotiations with council including that with the General Manager and all engineers, he had the land rezoned and owner built on the 3000 sqm block.

The value of the land increased ten fold! 

peek 2.GIF


Swarup applied for the demolition of the rear of a heritage cottage and secured planning approval for a large 6 bedroom home with swimming pool.

The wonderful owners are overjoyed they could renovate and extend on a heritage property. The value of the  renovated house stands around $2.4 million. 

macleod existing.JPG
Tandem Dual Occupancy


Banyule council approved the future construction of two very large dual occupancy houses on a street undergoing change. There were large trees which council required retention due to the planing overlay. 

melinga exist house.JPG
melinga chadstone subdivided.JPG


The wonderful parents helped their daughter buy- or more like build- her first home.

We secured approval for a dual occupancy subdivision in a small backyard.

The daughter bought the  subdivided rear yard and is building her first home there. She can now live close to her  elderly parents and  in an area she is accustomed to and close to her work.

The parents cashed in the equity from their backyard-that's what a dual occupancy subdivision provides. 

woonona ex.JPG
Dual Occupancy Development by AuArchitec


Swarup had the whole Council and a street full of objecting neighbours up in arms as they  did not want to see their prestige properties carved out for dual occupancy type developments. Persistence, good design and knowledge secured a permit which unlocked huge equity from this heavily vegetated site 

Site under consideration at the VCAT
Swarup acted at VCAT


Swarup acted for the property owner and after 3 days of hearing at the VCAT, won a permit on a site burdened by difficult planning overlays and the whole community against subdivision 

tooronga advert.JPG
tooronga dual occ.JPG


Swarup negotiated with Stonnington Council and secured a contemporary dual occupancy behind a heritage listed home in Malvern. 

80 stephensons ex.JPG
stephensons permit.JPG


" I just wanted to wish you and your family a merry Christmas. The Mount Waverley clinic is going very well and we could not have done it without you."

Surgeon client and Lawyer wife.


They contacted Swarup from the UK where they were then living. Their application for a medical centre (applied through a different firm) was refused by Monash Council. 

Swarup applied for a new planning application and.secured them a permit.

Clients and patients (including me)  are thrilled with the outcome.