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Our architecture is designing wellness into wonderful spatial experiences for the occupants. We deliver returns for the developer.

100% Architecture is the art of extraordinary decisions.

Swarup and his team explore latent opportunities a site offers to maximise yield for new and experienced property developers; without sacrificing the day-to-day comfort of their occupants.  

Our designs are underpinned by respect for the local planning policies and  the value of space;  the  use of innovative  materials, sustainability, the benefits of energy efficiency  and biophilic architecture play an equally important role.

  • We will have three houses on our block all with spectacular views of the bay. The service given by Swarup has been faultless with both process and the design of both houses. Swarup after many briefings created a spectacular home to be sited at the front of our existing home.  We received objections and a hearing was called by our council City of Greater Geelong. Swarup attended the hearing and not only overcame the objections he was complimented by the panel on creating an iconic design. This project was approved and will be completed in 2016. The second design was even more challenging as the remaining triangular block was 280 sq meters. Swarup created a two storey two bedroom unit with views across the bay to Melbourne. The council approved the design however following a panel meeting withdrew support. Swarup immediately recommended that we go to VCAT and with the assistance from his suggested legal team our submission was upheld by VCAT who complimented the design. We are absolutely delighted with the dealings over three years and are happy for any of his clients to contact us for a reference which will be fantastic..    E and J Rae

Apollo Bay beach house

Water front home at Apollo Bay

Grow Your Design Vision

AuArchitecture will work with you on the practicalities of the design brief, the town planning approval process, the building permit and  finally the construction and subdivision where applicable.

Residential Architecture

Commercial Architecture

Commercial  Architecture

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