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This luxury dual occupancy home boasts five bedroom plus study, media room, large north facing family room with gourmet kitchen ( includes Bultler's Pantry or Asian Style Service kitchen for Wok cooking), upstairs large private family area opening onto a lux terace is located in  a desirable address in a quiet street of Doncaster, Victoria.


The sloping  property contains a single level home which is very dated and not suitable for today's lifestyle. The amount of  work required to update and add additional bedrooms and family zones  would be better spent on building two custom designed duplex homes by Melbourne's high end specialists in Architecture and duplex designs.


The build cost and land cost  would yield a handsome profit in this part of Doncaster  where demand for large family homes is strong and getting stronger.


Thinking duplex designs, dual occupancy homes with a difference or custom design stand alone homes? We excel in this space. 


Our Signature design  series is custom designed to suit your style and budget.


Contact us today and we will get your sketch design faster than you can imagine! 

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