Asset rich, income poor. Equity release options for retirees or property owners looking for income or equity.
Asset rich but cash poor property owners can joint venture and liquidate their hidden backyard asset. We will joint venture with you and charge our management  fees when you sell the backyard.
We will do all the hard work involved in getting your planning and subdivision permit and find a buyer if neccessary for your backyard. You can continue living in your home with a low maintenance land and have some much needed cash from the sale of the backyard.
Step 1. We assess the development potential of your block


You are  the proud owner of a block of land and enjoy living in your home where you have grown accustomed to the local shops and neighbours. Your backyard might have development potential  and it does take a lot of your time to keep maintaining it. You might be thinking of going on a long holiday or want to setup your children and grandchildren with their school fees or help them buy their own home. This is where can help you. Obtaining Town Planning Permits and Subdivision permit is not only tedious but expensive. But a Permit gives you the freedom to convert the backyard into cash in your bank. 


We will at no cost to you assess the development potential of your land and in our opinion tell you what the backyard is worth when approved by Council. We will show you all our calculations to be transparent in our dealings with you. Get your free site analysis today.

Step 2. We produce all the town planning documentation


We will produce all the  design and town planning documentation at a nominal production cost  with the town planning amanagement fees payable when you sell the backyard at an agreed price . You will pay all council application fees and pay the external consultants fees direct (land surveyor, drainage engineer, landscape designers etc as required)


Town Planning design and documentation is a complex and tedious task best left to the professionals who specialise in the field on a daily basis. We will manage the Application and not charge our management fees till you sell the backyard.  


Read more on how to produce income for asset rich cash poor retirees.

Step 3. You sell your backyard and pay us our fees


When we obtain the Town Planning Permit from your local Council we will offer the backyard  for sale. You are free to put it on sale through your local real estate agent.


The balance of our fees and management fees is payable when you sell the backyard.


We both take the risk and it is in our interest to obtain the Planning permit and maximise the site yield to make it attractive to buyers. 


 Contact us below for your free Site Assessment.

AuArchitecture Melbourne

Mail only : #223, 2/134 Pascoe Vale Road ,Moonee Ponds 3039.


M:  0448 170 132 call me direct -7 days  from 9am to 7pm for the best advice on dual occupancy subdivision, custom home design, commercial projects  or town planning matters. 



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AuArchitecture will gladly donate  design and planning services  to charitable organisations worldwide. 

We would love to serve you through smart and beautiful  designs for your dream house, dual occupancy, townhouse or apartment projects or commercial and industrial buildings which makes  a difference.

I recall doing a

  • large multi unit  residential design with a sky-street on the fifth level for the kids to play in safety while  creating  a real sense of community living and  

  • a modular home design which grew with the family budget rather like a series of plug in components and 

  • the windmill house with views where each stair landing led to a different view and function and

  • right down to designing and obtaining planning permits for practical traditional designs to meet the family  or developer's budget and objectives.

Our Founder has  worked on hundreds of development sites for dual occupancy and townhouses. He worked on commercial, health, education, retail and leisure projects to name a few other disciplines.

Our professional designs are flexible to suit your vision and realistic to meet your budget.

We advise you must seek legal and financial advice prior to making a commitment on any property development venture. The opinions we provide are general in nature.