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Property subdivision developer

Property development occurs through a property subdivision. Our founder developed property and managed 250 permits. Learn how!

  • Astute site purchase off market

  • Identify latent opportunities through planning and architecture know how

  • Build equity through development consent

  • Document town planning and construction drawings intelligently- best bang for bucks- highest yield

  • Buy wholesale

  • Negotiate interest rates- delay settlement terms

  • Joint venture with property owner

Start the ball rolling. Please complete the form  below for a 48 hour response or call me on 0448 170 132- any day 9am to 7pm to discuss your property development goals.
Discussions are held in strict confidence.

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Property development dictionary!

Architecture of the site and feasibility makes the development project. Build or Build over Easement. Its your land but you need consent to develop on it! Covenant- that dirty word for property developers. Mostly not harmful but beware of fine print. is the darling for designers and developers. Do it once and well.Easements- can contain services bigger than Ben Hur ! or carry none Feasibility- do the numbers- construction cost plan, holding charges, net return all play a role in the property subdivision Go for it otherwise you will always be on the fence and 10 years later regret Heritage overlays need checking- can you demolish or is it just an ineffective overlay Interest rates- too good to be true. I was paying 18% + in those scary days of development Joinery helps sell a property- don't crimp! Knowledge is power- when applied Levels on a sloping block adds to build cost Mezzanine finance is the start of trouble? Its also for Marketing Native vegetation needs careful handling Opportunity is around the corner- can you see it or did you drive past it ten times? Property,profit,performance,planning,permit  the list is exhaustive Quest for knowledge Residential development- safe for first time developers Success leads to more development Time control Under develop- no one wins Valuation- drive past or well researched makes all the difference Work together with council, builder, client and consultants then its a Win Win Win X Factor in Design wins Y is Yield and that matters to developers and subdivision Zero to Hero- do it well and you are on the rise.

How to win
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