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Architecture for a Property Subdivision

Design Consultation Brief. After your are satisfied with the new building footprint / built form concept, we will meet you onsite. This confidential meeting covers detailed project and design brief. We tell you what you need to know to succeed and not just what you want to hear to get a quick sale! That way, you do not end up with any disappointments. Honesty and Integrity is our strength.

  • Site Feature and Level (F&L) Survey.

  • A registered surveyor will go onsite to do a feature and levels survey of the building site to our detailed specifications taking into account fences, large trees, drainage, pits, adjacent properties, views, local features and streetscape which helps in the Town Planning Application submission. A 're-establishment survey' is required to identify the site boundaries. We wil engage a surveyor on your behalf if you don't have one.

  • Feasibility Study.

  • This is done on a thumb rule basis to let you know what costs you may incur. We suggest you verifying these numbers at working drawing stage when your builder gives you a build quote.

  • Preliminary Design Development.

  • Based on our design brief meeting we prepare preliminary concept sketches suitable for subsequent detailed development.

  • Town Planning Application Drawings.

  • After approval of concept design, the preparation of town planning drawings and reports are prepared for planning application submission.

  • Planning Submissions to Council.

  • We lodge the relevant application forms, plans and reports. Upon request by Council, erect site signs and carry out any other activities necessary to complete the statutory advertising requirements (if not carried out by the Council)

  • Post Town Planning submission.

  • Council will often send a Request for Further Information (RFI) correspondence where some design modifications or design clarification is required. We will respond to these and keep you in the loop. That is why it may save time not to get too detailed in the initial submission and those details may be incorporated at the RFI stage.

  • After the Application is advertised, Council makes a decision and requires certain conditions are met. We do those drawing amendments if required which are called satisfying Planning Permit Conditions..

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