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How can I dual occupancy in Melbourne

Dual occupancy workflow by AuArchitecture

Our process is simple and it works! First things first- can you dual occ your block? We do our site assessment first and measure it against these criteria.

  • Conduct a Development Potential assessment to ascertain what is possible on the block

  • Recommend any modifications which may be required to the existing house if that is to be retained

  • Assess the dual occupancy design against council’s neighbourhood character objectives

  • Determine the size of the potential dual occupancy

  • Study the opportunities and challenges the block offers- site size, vegetation, services, slope, street features and more

  • Verify the zoning, the schedule to the zoning and any planning overlays on the land

  • Check the property title for any restrictions to further development

  • Check the site for easements and location of services

  • Make an Planning Application to your local Council

  • Respond to Council's request for further information

  • Manage the Application at Council

  • Address the conditions attached the the Planning Permit

  • Start the Building Permit documentation

  • Ask Builders to quote on these drawings.

The list is exhaustive in some sites where various reports maybe required.

If we feel it is realistic to proceed, we start the the design of the project with input from the property owner.

The next stage is completing the full set of town planning drawings and planning report (and other reports if required).

The application is lodged with council who will send out a notice requesting further information (RFI).

The satisfactory response to the RFI will lead to the advertising sage, negotiations with any objectors to the Application and council then issues its decision. See the workflow here.

AuArchitecture will give you frank and fearless advice on the best possible scenarios to develop your block and weigh this against any risks.

There are different forms of dual occupancy and we will tell you what type will best suit your property and will get Council’s support.

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