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Granny flats are here to stay

Finally Victoria will allow Granny flats without a planning permit if your land is 300sqm and more.

Several planning overlays cannot stop you from building one.

Parking is not required!

A Building Permit is still required.

If the land is less than 300sqm a Planning Permit is required from Council.

If the land is 300sqm and more no planning permit is required in most cases.

AuArchitecture can design your granny flat whether you need a Permit or not from Council.

We can do the Building Permit drawings for you.

Amendment VC253 introduces a new land use term and siting, design and amenity requirements

for a small second dwelling into the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) and all planning schemes

to implement Victoria’s Housing Statement: The decade ahead 2024-2034 by making it easier to

build a small second dwelling.

Specifically, the amendment makes the following changes to the VPP and all planning schemes:

 Amends Clause 43.01 (Heritage Overlay) to exempt a ‘small second dwelling’ from a planning

permit if specified requirements are met.

 Inserts new Clause 52.04 (Transitional provisions for a dependent person’s unit) to provide

transitional provisions for a dependent person’s unit after the approval of Amendment VC253.

 Amends Clause 52.06 (Car parking) to exempt a ‘small second dwelling’ from car parking


 Amends the following clauses to ensure the requirements include a small second dwelling’

where a ‘dwelling’ is already referenced:

o Clause 52.20 (Victoria Big Housing Building)

o Clause 53.17 (Residential aged care facility)

o Clause 53.20 (Housing by or on behalf of Homes Victoria)

o Clause 55 (Two or more dwellings on a lot and residential buildings)

o Clause 58 (Apartment developments).

 Amends Clause 54 (One dwelling on a lot) to rename the provision to ‘One dwelling on a lot or

a small second dwelling on a lot’ and include a ‘small second dwelling’ in the application and

requirements of the provision. The new requirements also include the following changes:

o Inserts new Clause 54.03-7 (Building setback) to apply a building setback requirement

for a ‘small second dwelling’.

o Inserts new Clause 54.03-8 (Safety and accessibility) to apply safety and access

requirements to a ‘small second dwelling’.

o Amends Clause 54.05-2 (Private open space) to include private open space

requirements for an existing dwelling and a ‘small second dwelling’ on the same lot.

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