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I want to sell my backyard to my daughter

" Can you help me subdivide by block so my daughter can build her first home?"

This is a typical inquiry we receive.

My Reply:

"Thank you for contacting AuArchitecture.

We can help you and your daughter get Council approval for the subdivision. Your daughter can then build her first home.

We have helped another family do exactly the same in Chadstone.

In order to do the subdivision there is a process.

1. Apply to Council for a Planning and Subdivision Permit

The Planning permit will include the second house plans, elevations, shadow diagrams and more drawings. the Town Planning report will demonstrate compliance with the Planning Scheme ( Council's Planning controls) and in particular Rescode (also called Clause 55).

2. The Subdivision permit will show in principle the boundaries of the two Strata lots.

You can enter into a Sale contract with special conditions on the contract once the Permit is issued. Read about it here.

3. You will need to satisfy the permit conditions- namely connect services to the new lot where the second house will sit.

4. On completion of those connections etc Council will give you a certificate of compliance also called Statement of Compliance.

5. A formal plan of subdivision will be drawn by our Registered Surveyor.

6. The Certificate and Plan of subdivision will be lodged with the Titles office for Registration of the new lots. Fees will be paid t that Office.

The Sale can then be settled.

The subdivision process is time consuming and can take over 15 months!

The property location is great and what an opportunity for your daughter and your family!

I can assist you all the way. Feel free to call me on 0448 170 132.

Contact me and I can send you the next steps to follow.

Best regards,

SWARUP DUTTA / Founder /AuArchitecture

b.arch aff raia rpia (urban planning) mvpela

Mail: #223, 2/134 Pascoe Vale Road, Moonee Ponds Vic 3039

P 0448 170 132 / 9375 4140

Your property is an amazing space


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