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Vic Land Subdivision in 2 steps

Step 1.


We draw the subdivision plan and submit for Council approval.

Council approves the subdivision in principle and issues a Subdivision Permit.

The Permit will contain several conditions, you as the land owner, must fulfil.

Typical conditions relate to connection of all utilities to each lot ( sewer, water, power, drainage, NBN etc). Once these utilities are connected Council will issue a Certificate of Compliance.

A Clause 56 planning report is also submitted to Council.

This stage can take 6 months and more.

Step 2.


After Council approval, our Registered land surveyor will draw the plan of subdivision in a legal format which is acceptable to the Titles Office.

This subdivision plan and the Certificate of Compliance is lodged with the Titles office for the Registration of each lot.

The Second step can take 12 months and more.

Contact us for your subdivision project.

We provide a Free high level initial advice followed by all drawings, designs and reports to get the land subdivided.

On small lots ( like a typical backyard subdivision) Council will require all plans, elevations, shadow diagrams etc and a Claus 55 Report.


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