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My first proud development

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

My first proud development

Swarup and his wife turned their first home into a development property. The dual occupancy shown above sold in a flash! Its profit went to their next home, which got zoned to a boutique apartment. Swarup's project was an equally challenging approval for a dual occupancy home, where grand Victorian mansion neighbours with tennis courts and pools motivated council to refuse his application (one abutting neighbour- a leading barrister- even had a cricket batting pitch on his 1 acre lot and turned his pool into a dance floor for his daughter's 21st. while the other had a disused grand ballroom). Their concerns were the same as what I see in the many hundreds of Applications I am or was directly involved with across Victoria. Concern one is usually traffic. Objectors speculate wild party goers will occupy the house and double park on the pristine nature strips. Yes our parties did go into the wee hours of the morning- after all we were still under 30- but not rowdy. Just the Doors, Stones, Beatles and Abba and a good red to discuss cricket, soccer, the Roosters, Ming, Meissen, Japanese bronzes, Rodin and the media. Banksy was unknown. Graffiti was just that. Today, it can be great. The second objectors concern is fitting into the streetscape, energy efficiency ( don't overshadow solar panels), backyard scape, overshadowing windows and overlooking into neighbours amenities. AuArchitecture designs around resident comfort. The dual occupancy was finally approved by Council and built saving the listed 15m Norfolk Pine. Approvals took time and still can!

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