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The Ultimate Dual Occupancy property

What is the Ultimate Dual Occupancy Site in Melbourne (or Victoria for that matter) ? This is the million dollar question! The Ultimate Development Site (UDS) should satisfy all of these characteristics but if it does not is not the end of the world:

The cost of the site should result in acceptable development margins. How much is a development site worth?

The site width should allow for two crossovers if want a high yielding development. Wide sites are great for a side by side duplex or for 2 or more "one behind another" type development.

A duplex site should have a 16m + frontage with the back boundary facing north to minimise overshadowing on neighbouring land.

The site length and area should allow adequate north facing open space for recreation and landscaping

Corner sites offer tremendous planning and design advantages

The site should be close to infrastructure, schools, shops and transport- location is king!

The title should be clear of restrictions and preferably without any easements- check for Covenants or Section 173 agreements on title

All the essential services should be available onsite or in close proximity and run in the most advantageous position

The site orientation should be perfect so that the amenities of neighbouring properties are not adversely affected by over shadowing

The zoning of your land and it's associated Schedule should not be too restrictive

The planning overlays on your land should not be too restrictive like heritage, vegetation protection etc.

The site should be fairly level to reduce build costs

There should be little or no significant vegetation on the site and on abutting sites within say 5 m of the common boundaries

A soil test should demonstrate the foundations will not require additional strengthening

There should be no encroachments on your title boundary or by your property on adjoining allotments

There should preferably be precedents for similar development in your neighbourhood

There should be no planning overlays burden

Your local Council should encourage development to meet their housing stock forecast

But don't fret if your property isn't the perfect ten. An experienced architect or designer with sound town planning skills and knowledge will get great results from challenging sites. We will get you great outcomes even if the property is not the Ultimate development site!

Are you ready to find out the development potential of your land? Please Complete the form below for a Complimentary high level site assessment- and it's 100% obligation free!

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