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Understanding Land Subdivision in Victoria

Embarking on a subdivision journey in Victoria requires a meticulous understanding of the process, from initial research to navigating council requirements and planning overlays. At AuArchitecture, we're here to guide you through every step of this intricate process, ensuring a smooth and successful subdivision.

Understanding the Subdivision Process in Victoria

Step 1: Preliminary Assessment and Engaging Professionals

Review the Certificate of Title: Start by identifying any restrictions on the property, such as easements or covenants, which may impact subdivision plans.

Feasibility Study: Conduct a thorough assessment of zoning regulations, local planning policies, and property constraints to determine the viability of subdivision.

Engage Town Planner and Licensed Surveyor: Collaborate with experts to prepare subdivision plans, apply for permits, and navigate the council application process effectively.

A Designer or Architect will be required for smaller subdivisions like subdividing your backyard.

Small or large land subdivision by AuArchitecture
Small 3 lot subdivision

Step 2: Development Application and Planning Permits

Submit Development Application: Provide detailed plans, surveys, and a comprehensive Planning Report outlining the proposed subdivision to the local council or relevant authority.

Obtain Planning Permits: This critical step involves a thorough evaluation of the proposal's impact on infrastructure, environment, and neighborhood compatibility.

Step 3: Council and Authority Approvals

Council Review: The council assesses the application, refers it to relevant authorities, and ensures compliance with local regulations.

Meet Conditions Imposed by Authorities: Fulfill any conditions set by entities like Telstra, VicRoads, or water and power authorities before proceeding.

Step 4: Certification and Title Registration

Council Certification: Once all conditions are met, the council certifies the subdivision plan.

Register Plan of Subdivision: Lodge the certified plan with Land Victoria to create new titles. This process may take several months depending on various factors.

Infrastructure and Services Provision

Provision of Essential Services: Ensure that new lots are equipped with necessary infrastructure such as roads, water, drainage, and electricity.

Final Inspections: Relevant authorities conduct inspections to ensure compliance with the subdivision plan and local building codes.

Utilizing Online Systems and Resources

SPEAR System: Our surveyor leverages the SPEAR online system to efficiently manage and track the subdivision process, streamlining communication and documentation.

Embarking on a subdivision journey can be complex, but with the right guidance and expertise, you can navigate the process with confidence. Let AuArchitecture be your partner in realizing your subdivision goals in Victoria.

Contact us to get your subdivision started.

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