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100% different Duplex-2 owners 2 objectives!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Two families bought a Doncaster property with a house which they will demolish down the track to develop the land.

One family wishes to build their duplex unit now. The other has decided not to! They will sell the vacant lot with approved plans.

An in principle subdivision plan will be approved by Council with specific works to be done as part of the approval conditions.

We designed the duplex with minimal common/party/shared walls ( which is so typical of a duplex project) to give construction flexibility.

One dwelling is a large 50 square home while the second is smaller which will not be built but the land sold with the plans.

In order to sell the second block without the approved dwelling, the owner will connect all the essential services ( like sewer, water, power, NBN etc) to the vacant lot as required by the council.

On completion of the services connections Council will issue a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

A formally drawn subdivision plan will be lodged with the "Titles Office" for Registration of title with the Coc.

The registration of title and all approvals will take 15-18 months at a minimum. The costs will vary depending on location of connections.

Subdivisions costs can range around $30,000 upwards.

The 50 square entertainer unit is more like a home with 5 bedrooms, both in law accommodation, a library, theatre room, gym and the master suite with a Zoom office!

Zoned living spaces- four in total- will allow the inter gen family to their own privacy.

The living areas wraps around a north facing courtyard making it perfect for large social gatherings.

In a Blackburn duplex the family will reside in the larger Vastu inspired unit while deriving passive income from the smaller unit beside theirs.

In the Fawkner duplex we obtained planning approval for two detached and very contemporary units set in a neighbourhood of traditional homes.

The owner has all the flexibility to subdivide an stage construction and marketing.

In a narrow 12m wide Yarraville site we obtained approval for 2 x 4 bedroom units on a very small site facing a busy road.

Designing a duplex on a Road Zone has severe design challenges. VicRoads do not like cars backing out to main roads due to safety concerns.

In another Doncaster site the duplex is under construction. This site has a north facing backyard making it ideal from a design and town planning perspective.

The large units have living areas facing north and the open spaces will enjoy excellent solar access. The common all has a 100mm gap t restrict sound transmission.

Duplex and dual occupancy designs

Our Founder's first home turned into a profitable dual occupancy

Dual Occupancy behind a heritage home

Dual Occupancy- corner site

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