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How to subdivide land in Victoria

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

How to subdivide land in Victoria. What is a subdivision? Property Subdivision is the creation of two or more blocks (lots) of land carved out of one bock of land- the parent lot. What is the subdivision process in Victoria? In a larger block you can apply to council for a multi lot subdivision. The application must show the newly created lot layout, roads/driveways depending in what type of title you are seeking- Strata or Torrens. A Clause 56 report must accompany the application. A Land Surveyor will be involved. In a typical suburban property the process would require a development application to council showing the two or more houses which will occupy the land. A Rescode report will be provided by the Applicant to show compliance with the standards. After the planning permit is issued you can subdivide the land. In the Permit certain works will need to be completed before Council issues a Certificate of compliance. The Certificate together with the subdivision plan drawn by a registered surveyor will be lodged with the Titles office in Victoria. The Office will then issue each registered lot with its unique Lot number and registered plan o subdivision. Some councils might be willing to enter into an Agreement (Section 173) where those works conditioned in the Planning Permit are deferred to a later date- eg when you sell the land and are cashed up to do those works which essentially are connection of services to each lot, building the crossover and so on.

In the subdivision plan show below, the land was zoned for an industrial development. Council firs approved two warehouses which would occupy the parent block.

We then applied to subdivide the parent lot into two smaller lots- each lot to contain one warehouse.

Two lot subdivision

The costs involved with the subdivision include, but not limited to, professional fees, application fees and the cost of works required by the planning approval.

The fees includes the land surveyor who will prepare a Re establishment survey which identifies the boundaries which can be upwards of $2400, pegging of each lot and cost of connection of services which depends on the land, slope and location of the services.

In a typical townhouse or dual occupancy subdivision those costs could be around $10,000 upwards.

On greenfield site, a Torrens title subdivision could be upwards of $50,000 per lot- with costs depending on topography, location and availability of services and type of infrastructure required being some of the variables.

In a large, undeveloped blocks of land , the costs to build the public roads,kerb and gutters, storm water detention, electricity, sewer connections, street lights could cost around $50,000+ per block on a level site.

Contact us for our property subdivision project.

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