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Duplex Subdivision Process

The Duplex Subdivision process is as follows:

1. Design the two side by side dwellings- draw the plans, elevations, shadow diagrams, overlooking diagrams, Garden Area plan, site context etc, etc as required by Council. Prepared inhouse

2. Have the land survey completed by our surveyor.

3. Have an arborist report prepared.

4. Write the town planning report. Done inhouse.

5. Draw the informal subdivision plan. Done inhouse.

6. Prepare a Sustainability Report (SDA) This is quite a comprehensive document done by an external consultant

7. Lodge the plans and reports with Council.

8. Manage the Application at the Council. Respond to letters, notices, make design changes as required.

9. Council supports the second driveway and the Duplex or does not.

10. If it does not, change the re design to battle-axe- one behind the other. Done inhouse at no additional fee.

11. Council advertises the Application.

12. Objections managed.

13. Council issues a Permit with conditions that must be satisfied.

14. Prepare Construction drawings for a Building Permit.

15. Obtain tenders and start building.

16. Once all services are connected to both dwellings, prepare a formal plan of subdivision.

17. Council confirms both lots are connected to all services via a Certificate of Compliance( sewer, power, water, gas etc)

18. Lodge the Subdivision docs ( item 14 and 15) with the Titles Office

19. The Two Lots are formally registered and can be sold each with its title.

Note at Item 12 one can offer the lots for sale, but settlement cannot occur till both the lots are formally registered at Item 18. Your lawyer needs to prepare the Contract of Sale with Special Conditions. Seek their advice first.

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