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Granny flats are finally coming to Victoria

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Under Amendment VC 186, the Victorian government will test the legal construction of Granny Flats in 4 councils for seven months and might roll it across other councils thereafter.

This is positive news and more so considering the isolation requirements under COVID19.

The new clause 51.06 was gazetted on 27 August 2020 and states as follows:


Purpose To facilitate the development of one additional small dwelling on the same lot as an existing dwelling, in specified residential areas.

At Cl 51.06- 1, the test councils are named. They are:

This clause applies to land in the following planning schemes:

Greater Bendigo, Kingston, Moreland, and Murrindindi provided the land is in a Mixed Use Zone, a Township Zone, a Residential Growth Zone, a General Residential Zone or a Neighbourhood Residential Zone.

Clause 55 ( Rescode) does not apply unless specifically stated.

The requirement for a car space is waivered.

Unfortunately, the Secondary dwelling cannot be subdivided!

The Secondary dwelling must not exceed 60 sqm in floor area or 5m in height. However, it can be only one storey at any given point.

· A Planning Application can be fast-tracked under Vic Smart.

· The application must provide a significant amount of information and the relevant plans, elevations, area schedules and shadow diagrams.

· The siting of the Secondary Dwelling must fall under the specified guidelines.

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