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Parking: Keep off the grass!

A residential development will have specific parking requirements. with parking and driveways designed o meet the Standards.

For example, a two bedroom unit requires one car space (can also be undercover) while a 3 or more bedrooms requires 2 car spaces, one of which must be undercover( carport, garage etc).

Most council prefer parking to be beside or behind the unit (dwelling). Unless there are two driveways (and crossings/crossovers) or the development is a duplex (side by side units,which many councils discourage), the parking ( garages/ carports) should not be seen from the street.

Parking in the front yard is a general No No.

Front yards are dedicated to soft surfaces- landscaping.

Parking behind the units require driveways designed to be compliant with the design standards and cars should be able to turn into the space easily.

If the units in the development requires 5 car spaces then one Visitor parking is required for each 5 such car spaces.

Complex driveway design requires a report and car swept paths generated by Traffic Engineers.

A development with 10 car spaces or if the site abuts a main road require wider driveways at the first 7m.

Properties which abut a main road might find it difficult to get Vic Roads approval to reverse out direct on to the road.

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