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Subdivision steps


Planning permit applications under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and certification applications under the Subdivision Act 1988 are processed and assessed by the Statutory Planning unit at your local Council.

Typically and simplistically the subdivision process involves:

  • Apply for a planning approval for subdivision. When the permit is granted it will contain conditions which must be satisfied.

  • Council also certifies the plan of subdivision, which legally approves the subdivision under the Subdivision Act 1988

  • Thereafter the Applicant must meet the Permit conditions (eg installing the required services like sewer, power etc or building crossover if required under the Permit). On completion Statement of Compliance is issued.

  • A registered surveyor draws up the subdivision plan which is certified by Council.

  • Your conveyancer or representative can then lodge the certified Plan of Subdivision and Compliance Certificate with Land Victoria, which allows new titles to be issued for each lot created under the subdivision.

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