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What does property subdivision mean?

Property subdivision is creating smaller chunks of land from a larger parent parcel.

Once completed, each of the smaller chunks are registered with the Titles Office.

Each of the lots can then be transferred (sold) to a purchaser.

In the instance above, the parents in Chadstone sold the backyard to their daughter so she could enter the home ownership market.

As the parent land was small, we designed the new dwelling in the backyard and obtained the subdivision permit.

Council wanted to ensure the backyard was capable of accommodating a new house which satisfied the planning controls.

The subdivision permit required some works to be completed before the backyard could be registered as separate lot ready for sale.

The owners had to connect services to the backyard lot- like sewer, water, power etc before registration of the lot.

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In a treed lot at Tecoma, owned by our then London based accountant client, we obtained a multi lot strata subdivision with shared driveway as shown below.

Strata titled lots.

What are the two most common types of subdivision?

In Victoria strata titled subdivision and torrens titled subdivision are the common types.

Strata titles are those usually with a shared driveway called common property which is maintained by the owners of the land. Townhouses and dual occupancy are usually strata titled. These driveways can vary in width from around 3m to 6.4m wide.

Torrens titled lots have a Council owned road, footpaths, nature strips, kerbs, street lighting maybe and so on- commonly found in say house and land type subdivisions.

Road widths with footpaths etc can be between 12m wide and usually 16.4m wide. The roads are named- eg Smith Avenue.

Torrens titled lots

What does the subdivision cost?

Strata lots require house designs, various permits and registration of each lot. You should budget around $45,000 plus for a small subdivision

Torrens titled lots will depend on availability of services, close proximity of services, capacity and can cost $75,000 upwards per lot.

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