What deliver what we promise  Invest in our experience and expertise in dual occupancy and property subdivision for the best returns on your residential development property.

We assess more sites
We know what Council wants
  • Site Assessments


Our Founder has worked on and assessed  hundreds and hundreds of potential  development sites across Victoria for dual occupancy, townhouse  or apartment developments and industrial and commercial developments. He has negotiated with most of the Melbourne Councils . Planning knowledge assure Planning Permit success. This prediction skill is a valuable resource we share with you at no cost to you during our first stage of consultation.



  •  Exemplary design and town planning delivery


We are trained in design and will expeditiously deliver real time design or town planning solutions on the run at critical meetings with you or the Statutory Authorities. That way we do not usually need to go back to the  office to research and lose days responding to a tricky question Council's Planning Officer might ask on the spot on a dual occupancy or residential  Planning Permit application. Time is critical in keeping up the interest in a Planning Officer who may jump on to a different Application if they have to wait for answers. A typical Planning Officer at Council could be managing up to forty different Planning Permit Applications at any given time. This where knowledge becomes the power to succeed. Our design skills have a real wow factor. I like it that way- whether its simply traditional architecture or something more innovative, challenging or ready for the  coffee table medium.


  • Rapport with Council town planning  officers


Through the many  hundreds of Town Planning Applications our founder worked on  across Greater Melbourne Councils, he has built up a great relationship with the Council's Planning Officers. As consultant, he was instrumental in obtaining many hundreds of Town Planning Permits for dual occupancy and multi- unit developments for clients.  It's the old saying- it's not only what you know that matters but whom you know and what they expect that delivers Planning Permit  Winners. 



  • Negotiate with other Statutory Authorities


Our founder has successfully negotiated with the other authorities who are equally powerful when it comes to obtaining a Planning Permit or a Planning Refusal for a dual occupancy or residential development. Negotiating successfully with the key authorities who control the roads like VicRoad will determine whether you receive  a Planning Permit or not.  In a few applications he successfully negotiated down the width of an easement where  Melbourne Water demanded a much wider easements. These authorities have their own State gazetted Acts which give them enormous powers. Very few designers or Architects will be aware of these Acts and having sat through VCAT submissions I understood the importance VCAT and for that matter your local Council gives to these Authorities.


  • VCAT appearance


I have acted for developers facing  challenging refusals or appeals by objectors at the  VCAT. If your designer or architect/planner can't successfully win at the VCAT they might not understand case law and precedence set at VCAT. Very often Council's  Planning Managers will rely on that type of information when deciding whether to grant a Planning Permit or not.



  • Integrity


And finally the  most critical element- we believe in the matters of honesty, integrity, credibility, professionalism, ethics, being equitable and passionate. We will tell you upfront what chance of success your project will have at Council so that we both don't waste time. One promise I make is that we will do all the hard work to obtain a successful outcome.


The Promise                 


We will stick with you from the first time we meet and do our utmost to  make your Town Planning Application successful so that you can go on to obtain the Building Permit and build your dream property development. We can be there from cradle to completion.


"Planning Regulations are continually changing.  Get it right the first time!"






  •  Property development experience


We understand finance and development feasibility which will determine if you will make a profit or not. We have put our own money where our mouth is and developed property taking all the risks you are about to encounter in your dual occupancy development. Beware of armchair academics. In our first dual occupancy project we presented to a full Council meeting to obtain a Planning Permit against the wishes of the objectors and planning officers. That approval resulted in becoming mortgage free and having enough  to obtain planning consent for a boutique apartment project from the  Planning Minister's office followed by considerable experience in residential developments, apartments, commercial, industrial, health, retail projects to name a few disciplines. But residential design and development is where my heart lies.


  • Teamwork for project completion


We have considerable experience working with the other professionals who will come together to deliver your project. Professionals like architects or designers, engineers from the structural, civil (drainage), hydraulics, acoustics, traffic or fire disciplines or land surveyors and building surveyor to name a few category of experts one will need to deal with to complete a dual occupancy or residential property development. In some projects, we retained a large heritage facade and adapted it into a commercial office which required thorough co ordination with the structural engineer and demolition contractor. In other instances we built on poor soil having to screw down 6m to bearing capacaity for the foundations.That required a strong understanding of geotechnical knowledge. In another project, he managed the design on a site where a significant tree had its roots covering most of the land. This required strategic negotiations with Council's arborist and our arborist.


Integrity to the end
We understand property development
Dual Occupancy Subdivision Expertise

AuArchitecture Melbourne

Mail only : #223, 2/134 Pascoe Vale Road ,Moonee Ponds 3039.


M:  0448 170 132 call me direct -7 days  from 9am to 7pm for the best advice on dual occupancy subdivision, custom home design, commercial projects  or town planning matters. 



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AuArchitecture will gladly donate  design and planning services  to charitable organisations worldwide. 

We would love to serve you through smart and beautiful  designs for your dream house, dual occupancy, townhouse or apartment projects or commercial and industrial buildings which makes  a difference.

I recall doing a

  • large multi unit  residential design with a sky-street on the fifth level for the kids to play in safety while  creating  a real sense of community living and  

  • a modular home design which grew with the family budget rather like a series of plug in components and 

  • the windmill house with views where each stair landing led to a different view and function and

  • right down to designing and obtaining planning permits for practical traditional designs to meet the family  or developer's budget and objectives.

Our Founder has  worked on hundreds of development sites for dual occupancy and townhouses. He worked on commercial, health, education, retail and leisure projects to name a few other disciplines.

Our professional designs are flexible to suit your vision and realistic to meet your budget.

We advise you must seek legal and financial advice prior to making a commitment on any property development venture. The opinions we provide are general in nature.