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Finding the right Subdivision Property

Updated: May 18, 2022

If you are a first time developer or developed before, here are four tips for finding the right property for dual occupancy or townhouses.

Property subdivision is a complex exercise. Finding an off the shelf design and planning solution rarely works.

There are a multitude of planning requirements to satisfy before Council will grant a Planning approval in Victoria.

Here are 4 keys to finding the right development property:

Tip 1 : Ensure the zoning, the zoning schedule and planning overlays will support the type of development you wish to undertake. Site coverage, Private open space size, minimum subdivision lot size, vegetation controls and heritage are just some of the planning controls which can affect the development. Some councils discourage double storey dwellings in the backyard.

Tip 2: Find properties which are close to amenities like transport, schools, shopping and reserves to name a few. Location, location, location sells!

Tip 3: Find properties which do not face north. A side facing north is often better for three or more townhouses If developing a backyard, a minimum 17m or more from back of house to back fence will yield a better outcome.

Tip 4: Wider frontages are better for a duplex with the back boundary facing north.

Level land is better to build on- it costs less.

Location and availability of services like sewer, water, stormwater drain, NBN, phone are important factors to consider in site selection.

Vegetation- large trees can create design challenges- even those on neighbours land!

Building on boundaries can affect neighbours foundations.

The list goes on....

These are just some of the items one should look for in a development site.

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