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Can Ai obtain Planning Permits?

Updated: Jan 8

(Ai generated image of two townhouses on a 450sm lot)

I love Ai and feel there are enormous opportunities ahead of us.

But can all the sharp sales pitches and promises deliver planning approvals. My short answer is a big no.

I was invited to explore a few such Generative Design products on the market. Their pitch is simply- get your site assessment done in seconds.

What I found was it was too generic and did not take into account site context, street features, neighbourhood patterns, vegetation, neighbouring house amenities and the list went on.

Unfortunately, Town Planning Permits require human intervention.

I wish Planning could be based on empirical formulas - but in Victoria it is still too subjective.

2 + 2 is not equal to 4 in planning lingo.

A real Pity!

Each Victorian Council has its own political agenda; each planning officer has its own interpretation of the planning scheme ( the rule book) and VCAT members are very often Planning Officers from a Council in their previous role.

The text above was improved by CHAT GPT below:

"Navigating the Realities of Generative Design in Planning Approvals

While the promises and sales pitches of Generative Design tools can be enticing, the reality, in my experience, is a resounding "no" to their ability to secure planning approvals.

I recently explored a few of these products that claimed to provide site assessments in seconds.

However, what I discovered was a generic approach that overlooked crucial factors like site context, street features, neighborhood patterns, vegetation, and neighboring amenities—essentially, a checklist of important considerations.

The unfortunate truth is that Town Planning Permits demand human intervention. As much as we might wish for empirical formulas to guide us, the planning process in Victoria remains highly subjective.

In this landscape, 2 + 2 doesn't necessarily equal 4. Each Victorian Council carries its own political agenda, every planning officer interprets the planning scheme (the rule book) uniquely, and VCAT members often have backgrounds as Planning Officers from Council in their prior roles.

As we navigate this complex terrain, the human touch remains irreplaceable in the pursuit of successful planning approvals."

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