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Turn Backyard to a dream home

Can you build a new home in your Backyard?

You most probably can-if your property meets the mandatory planning rules- and if not ,then the existing house may need some modifications.

If you meet the planning requirements and standards a new dual occupancy home in the backyard is a way to build equity in property quickly.

If those standards are challenging, you can consider knocking down the old home and building a tandem style dual occupancy or a duplex if site width and number of crossovers meets council requirements.

For a tandem type dual occ- the most common form of building a new home in the backyard - these are some of factors to consider:

  • Site width and depth

  • Width of driveway access to backyard- the minimum width is 3m but council may ask for a landscape strip adjacent to the driveway

  • Size of backyard- depth from back of house to back fence/boundary

  • Parking and turning circles

  • Open space size and depth

  • Orientation- living opening to north is what Council likes

  • Effect on amenities of adjoining properties and the existing house you want to retain (shadowing, overlooking,built form)

  • Vegetation on the land and near shared boundaries

  • Neighbourhood character to name a few

  • Slope of land

  • Location of sewer and stormwater

  • Easements

For a duplex style dual Occupancy the above apply as well as the wide street frontage required.The number of crossovers must meet the minimum ratio- number of crossovers divided by street frontage.

Duplex dual occs are not encouraged by some councils who prefer to see parking at the rear of the development and not facing the street. Their grounds are loss of landscaping opportunities, streetscape, too much concrete in front, dominance of garages.

The closer your property to the city, the less resistance from Council usually. Discover the Potential of your backyard.

Get your Free Development Analysis today!

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